How to choose my dog's name


Choosing the name of our dog is complicated and decisive since it will be for a lifetime.

Choosing the name of the pet is very important and you should think carefully to get the perfect name. Once the name for your pet is chosen, it will take it for the rest of its life and will be the name with which you address your little animal forever. If you are looking for a good name for your dog, you need to keep some things in mind, it is a great responsibility!

It is possible that you already had a name choose>

Some tips to choose the perfect name

Classic names of people

There is a fashion that will never be a bad idea that is to give dogs names of people, but classic names are a good idea. Maybe others are surprised when you call your dog, some even get offended. But the important thing is that you like it. There are bitches called Olivia, Luna, Sara or dogs that have names like Lucas, Paco, Pepe. Find the names that inspire you most to call your dog.

Names that remind you of your childhood

If there is something that can really fill your heart with love, it is certainly remembering your childhood. Childhood is a source of nostalgia that will make you look back with love. There are people who call their pets or dogs with names that remind them of their childhood things like the name (or a part) of the street where they lived in childhood, the name of a protagonist of a book that he loved as a child , the name of a special teacher of the school, etc.

Names of things you like

You might prefer to focus on other less sentimental things to name your dog but that you like equally and can enjoy every time you call your dog by name. For example, you might want to call your dog based on the brand of a car you like: Kia, Ford, Seat, Citro (from Citroën), etc. Or maybe you prefer to call it some food you like: strawberry, choco (chocolate), Cocoa, etc.

Some name ideas

If you feel something lost in the search for your dog's name, then do not hesitate to continue reading because you will be able to find some inspiration in the following names. This list is so you can find your own inspiration or even, to that you choose the names that most attract your attention or that you like:

- Doggy names: Anni, Kiara, Daisy, Ami, Africa, Bella, Abba, Katty, Lady, Olivia, Katrina, Saira, Ronda, Akila, Bonita, Laila, Lina, Sandy, Neska, Nita, Nuka, etc.

- Puppy names: Goku, Toby, Boby, Chester, Bambi, Buggie, Goofy, Pluto, Scooby, Rex, Pancho, Fog, Dino, Nick, Brian, Kevin, Achilles, Nelson, Obama, etc.

As you can see there are an infinite number of possibilities that you can choose one name or another for your dog or dog. In this sense, you must do an exhaustive search to find the name that best suits your dog and that you also like. It is important that you do not put names that might offend other people, such as perhaps the name of a loved one or someone you know or is in your immediate environment. Do not put names that are in bad taste or that may hurt others' feelings.. Think of your dog's name and that he will always be with you. Think about the name you like best and then, think that will be the name for your pet.

How the Dog Names tool works

The operation is very simple. Simply choose the parameters you want to use for your search:

  • Gender: are you looking for names for a male or female dog?
  • Initial: By what letter would you like your dog's name to begin?
  • Number of letters: do you prefer a short name or a long name?

Then click on the Get Name button. You will immediately get a suggestion that matches the parameters you have marked. If you don't like it, you can click on the “Get new name” button. If you leave the parameters blank, you will get a random suggestion.

Choose a name for your dog that makes him feel always loved and respected

It is important that you remember, as we have told you, that a dog cannot understand the language of humans, however, he does end up understanding the meaning of some words that he will hear many times repeated throughout his life as 'yes', 'no', 'come', 'sit down' ... That is why, when choosing your name, you should not choose one that can confuse those terms. Don't call him ‘Yesnnoh ’even if you're a big fan of Pokémon or‘Do notBita ”even if you loved Doraemon as a child, try not to include words that you will use to ask him to do things or confuse him.

Now that you know how not to choose a name for your dog, let's see how to do it. Take a pencil and paper and make a list of the virtues of your dog, is he cheerful, is very playful, eats very well, likes to frolic, is very affectionate, does he have any detail on his face that makes him especially adorable?

Get inspired by them to choose a series of names that define it in a positive way, try to be original so that when you call him in the park eight other dogs do not go, also that it is not ridiculous, if it is a huge dog do not call him ‘Peque’, for example.

Now that I know all this, how do I choose my dog's name?

There is a very funny trick that never fails to choose an original, unique name and that is perfect to convey the personality of your friend when asked what his name is. Take that list of your dog's virtues and see how they are said in another language, you can choose the one you want. If you are from Galicia, opt for Galician, for example. You will get very original, special and exotic names if you look in an online dictionary in Japanese, Irish and even Chinese.

For example, handsome in Japanese is called ‘hansamu’, so if your dog is very cute you can call him ‘Han’, which is pronounced as ‘Jan’. Dormilón in Welsh is called ‘cysmu’, which for dogs is an ideal name, short, sweet, phonetically perfect and that will allow you to start a pleasant conversation with who asks you about your dog.

If you have children we give you one last tip: make this choice with them from the beginning. Ask them to tell you what they think your dog is like, have them look in the dictionary how their virtues are said in that language and then, when you have many points, one by one, call your dog for them and stay with what it does react.

Doing so will involve your children in the responsibility of your dog's education and, in passing, you will teach them how useful and fun it is to learn a new language. We hope this method has helped you and tell us what name you have given it using.

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3 weeks before

Naming your beloved dog is an important decision. It is not an easy task because it is going to be the way you address him throughout his life.

You will use that name every day and it must define your special personality.

This choice can be expensive and it is very normal for you to turn to the Internet in search of ideas that inspire you. Currently Pets, we tell you how to choose name for your dog.

Why choose an original name for your dog

Your pet deserves a name that describes it, and that is creative above. If you need help choosing one for your dog, we recommend you take a good look at a list of original names for dogs .

It is very important that your dog has a name because it is an intelligent being. You can take on different mental tasks, from communication to learning all kinds of orders, and have the ability to solve problems, with the help or observation of your human friend or other dogs.

Although there are races more clever than others, there is something we cannot forget and that is that All dogs feel, understand and have mental and physical needs.

It is essential that your dog has an original name That sets them apart from the other dogs. Thanks to him, your pet will identify with him and respond to listen to him.

Tips for choosing a good name

  • Do not use words with more than 4 syllables. The ideal is between 2 and 3. It is also not recommended to use very short names because it is very easy to confuse it with words that you use frequently. And do not opt ​​for a very long one because it can affect your concentration.
  • It should not resemble terms that you are going to use for commands such as "come," "sit," or others.
  • Try not to resemble the name of another pet or family member.
  • Never change the name, once chosen, because it can create confusion.
  • And one last aspect is that the pronunciation is clear and clear.

The best way to to choose an original name for your dog is to know it. Surely your pet has a unique personality, look at your furry and make the decision. If, for example, your dog is very active and playful, you can call it Whirlwind or Tornado.

If he is a fighter, a warrior can call him Odin or Loki. If it has a peculiar coat like dreadlocks, you can name it Marley, or Hachi. If your dog is very protective and brave, you can choose Achilles or Atreo.

You can too think about your race, and get inspired by it to decide the best way to call it. If it is an Akita or Shiba inu breed, you can call it Sayuri or Mitsuru.

Many people choose famous dog names as Hachicko, Beethoven, Laika, Rex, Lassie, Goofy, Idefix ...

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The importance of a good name

If you have a new puppy at home or you expect to have it soon, surely you have considered what name to put. It is something important since it is convenient to call from the beginning with a specific dog name to get used to. The names of dogs are the most varied, and you, which one do you choose?

Tips to call your dog

Naming a pet is fun, (and sometimes difficult for the whole family), but there are a couple of important tips to keep in mind when deciding. When choosing Names for dogs, keep in mind:

  • It should be an easy name to remember for the puppy, avoid them being very long and strange!
  • Many animals, including dogs (and cats) respond better to one and two syllables so instead of calling it "Pepper" they will respond better to something shorter like "Pimi" or "Mint"
  • We recommend avoiding names that may confuse them at the time of training, such as "sit", "grave" etc.