How to protect dogs from the cold

When you notice that your pet has too contracted muscles, it is likely to be cold. In this sense, the muscles of the dogs act the same as ours. The cold weather causes them to lose heat and remain rigid, causing tension throughout the body. You can notice this symptom by massaging or contemplating the movement of your dog - it is usually more strange.

- Drowsiness

Another possible sign that the cold has entered your pet is drowsiness. Heavy meals, accumulated fatigue and fatigue can also cause this sensation that the dog lives.. However, if it is impossible for any of the three cases, the dog has all the ballots to be cold.

"Winter is coming." The cold is coming ... It's time to take out the robe-blanket, the brazier and drink hot broths

If you share your life with a dog it is essential to know how to protect it from the cold. Not all dogs have the same tolerance for low temperatures. There are races that are more habituated and prepared. They are the Nordic races, like the huskies, Alaskan malamute ... Their fur is thick, protects them from the polar cold, so the -10ºC that we can reach in Spain for them is like going to the beach. But not all dogs are so adapted so it is important to know how to protect dogs from the cold. Especially small breeds such as the Yorkshire Terrier or Chihuahua suffer especially when the thermometer drops. Puppies, very old dogs and the sick are also victims of low temperatures.

Why protect dogs from the cold?

If they are very exposed to the cold they could get from a simple cold to diseases such as kennel cough or infectious tracheobronchitis. Although it is not an extremely serious disease, it is difficult to heal. You can detect it because of its high fever, cough, mucus, vomiting ... It is best to prevent it with vaccination. In addition to this disease, dogs may suffer from hypothermia like us. An animal goes into hypothermia when its body temperature is lower than normal. In the case of the dog, when it drops below 37ºC. How does it manifest? Generalized cooling, breathing difficulties, weak pulse, arrhythmias ... There are other diseases that get worse with cold, such as osteoarthritis. We don't want to scare you, but we are aware of the importance of knowing how to protect your dog from the cold. Learn how to prevent your dog from catching a cold.

How to protect dogs from the cold?

If you live in an apartment you will think that your dog will not suffer, since in your house the heating works at full speed. eye! Because sudden temperature changes between heated houses and the street are dangerous. So you don't feel this radical change, open it up properly and try not to expose it to the cold of the street for a long time.

If you are fortunate enough to live in a house with a garden and your dog sleeps in the open, make sure his house protects him from the cold and moisture. To do this, you should have minimum conditions:

Have a good isolation.

That is not a palace ... The older, the harder to heat. Look for the optimal size.

The floor of the house should be made of wood or rubber and be higher than the floor to avoid moisture.

In addition to this fundamental advice we want to give you some general guidelines on how to protect dogs from the cold To help your furry companion avoid the rigors of winter:

Take care of your diet, since it needs to produce more energy to withstand the cold. But do not overfeed because at this time you exercise less and could gain weight.

Establish an exercise program If your dog is one of those who need to burn energy. You can go out with him for a walk or run during the central hours of the day, when it is less cold. If your house allows it, play with it to throw the ball or any other activity where you have to run.

Take advantage if there is snow in your environment to play with it (they love snow) but be careful because the snow can hide sharp pieces of ice that could hurt the pads of its legs.

Some dogs have enough of their natural fur to be warm, but others have a hard time. You can buy a coat or raincoat To keep your body warm and in areas with ice and snow, put on some good protective boots that protect your pads.

Postpone the visit to the dog groomer when the weather is better. His coat protects him. There will be better times to take care of your aesthetics, now health must prevail.

Here are some tips on how to protect dogs from the cold that pretend that your dog lives the winter with the same joy as spring or summer. A cold temperature does not have to be synonymous with boredom and seclusion. Play with him, practice sports together, but make sure he is well protected from the cold. You may also be interested in the article how to protect your pet from the cold.

How to protect dogs from the cold is a tip for dogs, and talks about care.