How to Cut the Hair of your Poodle


You still don't know how cut your dog's hair? In this article of Animal Expert we will review everything you need and what steps you should follow to cut your dog's hair, and although many people practice it at home it is a ritual that is not simple.

The type of cut, finish or hairstyle will vary depending on the dog and its physical characteristics. You're ready? Keep reading this article and find out everything so that your dog is the most handsome in the whole city.

Types of dog fur

Before you start cutting your dog's hair you should know what type of hair do you haveyours and is that the care of the coat will vary depending on which one:

  1. He hard hair it is the one that the Westy have, for example. In this case we must work with electric razors and we will not use softeners or oils.
  2. He curly hair It is characteristic of Poodles among others and requires a special moisturizing shampoo. The cutting must be done by scissors in certain areas and with a razor in others.
  3. He short hair It is typical of breeds such as the boxer or the pit bull and does not need any cut, except for medium-long hair that are uncommon. To do this, we can review some areas with the razor to match it. We will not use softeners or oils.
  4. He long hair We can relate it to the Yorkshire and it does require a fabric softener and a scissors cut.

Once the type of hair of our dog has been identified, we can begin to think about what we need and how the cut is going to be. You should also pay attention if your dog is a Maltese Bichon since they require a cut that always exceeds 4 centimeters, as a result of an excessive cut we could turn its curly coat.

What do you need to cut your dog's hair?

Once your dog's coat is identified you must decide what kind of cut are you going to make and therefore, what products and preparation work requires. If you have doubts about how to make the right cut you can go to a dog grooming specialist for the first time or watch online tutorials to guide you, then you can do it yourself.

For this process to be successful and end with a spectacular result you must follow some basic tips. Start by identifying the products you need:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Dryer
  • Clippers
  • Scissors
  • Small scissors
  • Brush
  • Adhesive tape
  • Others

Before you start cutting your dog's hair you should prepare the bathroom with the specific products for their fur including the conditioner if it is long-haired. It is also important that you prepare a table or cutting area in a quiet place to work. In many canine hairdressers you will see tables with an extendable arm to tie your dog without moving and end up offering a dryer at the end of the arm to facilitate the process.

1. Bathe your dog

To start we will bathe the dog to remove all dirt I can carry on the body. We will dry it with a towel and leave the hair moist and ready for cutting, this way it will be easier to identify the length of the mantle.

Remember that it is convenient to use a pet softener or conditioner for those dogs that show long hair such as the Afghan greyhound, the yorkshire or the Maltese bichon.

2. Brush the hair

Before cutting you must thoroughly brush all fur of the dog eliminating knots and tangles, in this way you will clearly identify the volume to be reduced and the unequal areas.

As you know there are different types of brushes, special for each type of hair and according to the characteristics. You will also find in the market size brushes mini Special for small areas of your pet such as the face.

3. Start cutting body hair

The first areas of the dog's haircut should be the spine and hind legs. Then you will repeat the process in the neck, chest, front legs and belly. Look at the areas that have more fur because they are the ones that you should cut first with the help of a scissor. If you are going to match the size with the machine, it doesn't matter if it is uneven.

Take your time to cut: It is preferable to go slowly selecting the areas in detail so as not to make a mess, in addition, if we are relaxed we will favor the tranquility of our pet and the final result will be better.

Once you have reduced the volume of the hair you can use the machine, always in the direction of the fur. Be gentle and do not exert too much pressure, so you will avoid the shears.

If on the contrary the cut of your dog is going to be only scissors, help yourself with your fingers and a suitable comb to take the measurements of the different areas. You must achieve a homogeneous result.

4. Also cut the hair from the face

You must not forget the hair of the face and is that there are specific tools for this task as delicate as adhesive bandages to hold bangs and ears.

The hairs that are around the eyes can cause discomfort and they also need to be cut because, sometimes, getting into the eye causes a constant tear that dyes the hair of our copper-colored dog. Discover how to remove tear stains from your dog's hair. Do not use the machine for this area.

5. Do not forget>

Between the toes of the legs The dog also grows hair that must be trimmed. This area is especially sensitive and dogs tend to move with concern when we are in the process, for this reason we recommend caution and care. Finish the entire cut by also reviewing the nails.

6. Dry the entire body with a dryer

Once the cutting process is finished it is important that dry your dog's hair With a dryer while combing. If you do not have a specific one for pets (they make less noise) you can use any one, in this way we remove the excess hair and leave it impeccable, bright and smooth.

Pay attention to the legs because in cases of extreme humidity you can favor the appearance of fungus between the fingers.

So far the process of cutting your dog, hopefully it has served as a guide and has been phenomenal. Remember you can share your photo to teach the community of Animal Expert the result of your process.

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Bath and Preparation

Before we begin to describe how to make the cuts in the fur of your pet correctly, we will detail some previous steps to follow:

  • Brush and thoroughly comb all your fur to remove all tangles.
  • Trim and clean nails.
  • Check your ears! Remove excess hair that grows in the ear canal and gently wipe them with cotton.
  • Proceed to bathe it according to what is detailed in the article: How to bathe my Poodle?
  • When your pet is completely dry we pass once more with the comb, slightly on the surface of the hair.
  • Well, now that our Poodle is ready, dry, and its hair untangled and free of dirt we can start cutting and styling!

Electric machine

There are a variety of models available today, but with a simple one of a single speed we can easily reduce our poodle's fur.

Remember to keep it properly. Some models allow you to easily disassemble the device head to clean any hair residue you may have.

This is important if we want to continue cutting effectively every time.

Basically there are two main styles: with their straight or curved blades. Ideally, stick to using "straight."

In turn you may be offered various types of scissors to select according to the size of the poodle you will be styling, and even the size
and shape of your hand!

To keep them in optimal conditions, use them exclusively with your pet, clean them after use, and keep them in a dry place.

As in the case of scissors, we will find a variety of types and styles. Better stay with the simplest you find while doing the job well, there should be no problem.

The size is something to consider, the bigger the dog, the bigger the brush!

This is an excellent element to penetrate your fur and remove the mats and all the remaining dead hair.

There isn't much to say here really. You just have to choose one that you like!

Together these tools will make the process much easier and easier. And you will see that you do not need the help of a professional to do it!

3 Most Used Cut Styles

Some of the most used cuts, either because they are comfortable for your pet or simply because they look good are:

A very popular cut among smaller dog breeds, as is the case with the Yorkshire terrier.

Very fashionable between miniature and toy Poodles, this cut is not intended to achieve a definite or crisp finish, but rather to appear fresh and natural.

Short Style

Perfect for those who don't want to have to keep their pet's hair very often!

It is also an ideal cut in case we live in places with high temperatures or are in summer season. Keep in mind that this breed has thick curly hair, making this cut will relieve the heat you may be feeling significantly.

Middle Cut (or teddy bear)

An ideal cut for the whole year and extremely adorable. The style needs a scissors finish, as well as expert hands to do it.

The hair should be left in half the length so that the poodle's curls are clearly visible. This gives it a rounded finish that makes it look like a bear, as its name suggests. (cut teddy bear)

How to make use of the tools

(ATTENTION! You should be very careful with their legs, neck and face when using the tools.)

After the bath and the subsequent brushing to "clean" of any knot and remains of hair in the fur we go to the cut.

The first thing will be, in most cases, lower gradually with the electric machine. Trying to match those parts that have longer their hair.

Once we have balanced the length in the whole body we can resort again to the brush. We pass it superficially once for all its fur.

We begin to stylize with scissors. Little by little and with patience. We make small cuts and see how it looks.

It is best not to get excited about using the scissors and use it with extreme caution.

Finally we will brush it again, and if we want to make some more cuts, we brush again and comb. Ready!

10 Tips for a Successful «Grooming»

  1. Good behavior during cutting and grooming should be taught at an early age, and you can do it, if you remember two basic rules:
    • Dogs learn by repetition and correction.
    • Dogs should know that grooming is a pleasant experience, not something to fear.
  2. It is imperative to establish a regular grooming routine as soon as possible, ideally when your poodle is a puppy. The sooner you start to brush it, look inside the ears, etc., the easier it will be to get your dog used to the process.
  3. Do it in a room with adequate lighting. Make the light come from above and behind you so you can observe more easily.
  4. The room must be silent. Do not let your Poodle get distracted by other pets, children or loud noises.
  5. Learn to be firm during the personal arrangement session. Being firm does not mean being rude or abrupt in the deal.
  6. If your Poodle gets scared at the sound of the scissors or the machine at the beginning, keep it in your lap, rest the scissors / machine near it (with the engine running) and speak to it in a quiet and reassuring voice, you will soon get used to the sound .
  7. The use of conditioner during washing will make brushing and / or combing easier, minimizing dryness and helping to reduce entanglement. Which will be perfect to make a good cut!
  8. You can make use of Sprays. These contain a number of ingredients to make hair shine, in addition to antistatic compounds to control disheveled hair (caused by the accumulation of static electricity) helping to give it an extra touch.
  9. Sometimes it is better to cut if the hair is too tangled. We do not want to tear hair when trying to brush it too hard.
  10. Using appropriate products for washing your hair is crucial if we then want to make the cut more easily. A shampoo with the right Ph or a good conditioner makes a difference. (see how to bathe my poodle)


Styling and cutting our pet's hair is not as simple as it seems.

It may take some time to take your hand and we must be patient to get this to become a routine.

If you do not have the tools or enough time, it is advisable to go to a professional to make the cut.

We hope that the aforementioned descriptions are helpful in giving your Poodle the care it deserves!