How to care for an abandoned dog that is malnourished


Did you fall in love with an abandoned animal? Did you see a sick puppy in the street, or did a hungry dog ​​start following you? Did you find a kitten suffering? Did you want to help him and you didn't know how to do it in the best way?

World Animal Protection prepared a guide for those who want to help abandoned dogs and cats.

Millions of animals are victims every day of abuse, disease, hunger and run-over. So, even if you cannot adopt a new friend, helping him to be in good health and to find a home already makes a difference. Look how!

1. Remove it from the harmful environment:

Approach carefully and let the animal get used to you. A good trick is to offer food or stretch your hand to smell it (in the case of dogs). If you were on a busy road, ask for help from a friend or a passerby to protect the animal from cars. On the roads you can ask the Police for help, which may have special equipment to rescue animals with greater security.

Before grabbing an unknown dog or cat from the neck, use caution: use a collar or muzzle, especially if the animal is injured. Or use a blanket to wrap and load it safely, avoiding bites.

2. Home sweet home:

The best option is to take the animal to your home. Most shelters and NGOs face overpopulation, lack of resources, and can hardly take care of you as well as you. If you could not stay with the dog or cat, talk to your family and friends. Explain that it is temporary, only until you find a definitive home, and that you can share expenses and even alternate homes for the animal.

3. Simple food and care:

A provisional home does not have to be perfect or spacious. It is enough to have a service area or a corner in the yard, where the animal can protect itself from cold and heat. Improvise a bed with a blanket or an old sheet. Ideally, give packed food. If you didn't have how to buy it, you can temporarily combine homemade meals such as rice, chicken, potatoes or cooked legumes. Do not use salt or oil. For cats, give them meat in small pieces, such as fish, ground beef chicken.

4. Has anyone lost an animal?

Not every animal on the street was abandoned, and it is especially noticeable when an animal is well trained, well fed or with a collar. Make sure you are not alone lost. Talk to neighbors, ask at nearby stores and ask for owners on social networks or on specialized websites.

5. Use the networks:

This is the best way to find an owner, old or new. Use your profile on social networks, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or animal adoption sites. The important thing is to make you listen!

Take a picture, tell how you found the animal and provide details of its personality. Is it very tame? Playful? Do you like to be stroked by the neck, or behind the ears? This helps people create an emotional bond with the animal and want to adopt it. It also details its size and approximate age, and do not forget to make the photo album public, so that it is easy to share, to tag friends, to spread on pages, etc.

6. What does the veterinarian say?

Ensure the safety and health of your new friend: take him to the vet as soon as possible. He will indicate the need to vaccinate and deworm the animal. Take advantage of the consultation to find out the weight, size, approximate age and any disease that the animal may have. Help him feel better!

7. Don't give it without neutering

Do you want to save a dog or cat? Take it to castrate. Removing an animal from the street solves a problem, but castration prevents several. The procedure prevents you from having future offspring who are not going to find a home, and decreases the risk of disease. Do you have any doubt? Look at the benefits of castration!

8. Without money?

Use your creativity You can make a raffle online, call your friends to help, make a group of “godparents” for the animal, use free services, ask if anyone among your contacts has a veterinary friend. There is always a way to achieve it. In return, you will receive the affection of an animal that was never as loved and well cared for as with you.

9. Adoption and NGO fairs

A good solution is to take the animal to an adoption fair or ask for help from NGOs to find a new owner. Most institutions cannot keep the animal, but you can find fairs near you and spend the day with the dog or cat. Remember that the animal must be vaccinated, neutered and dewormed.

10. Responsible guardians:

Do not give it to anyone for adoption. Many people can see an animal adorable and adopt it on impulse, without realizing that an animal is a responsibility of 10 to 20 years. If an ogato dog you helped ends up in a home where it is not well fed or suffers from abuse, what is the use? Try to get to know the person, ask if she has other animals, get her personal data and request that she sign a document of responsibilities, committing not to abandon and take care of the animal.

Are you worried about the situation of abandoned dogs or cats? Get involved in your community: organize educational talks with your local veterinarian about responsible ownership, the importance of sterilizing, vaccinating and lovingly treating pets. With this you will help avoid abuse and neglect, reaching the true root of the problem.

Provide the abandoned dog with a warm, comfortable and safe environment

The abandoned dogs that are malnourished usually have difficulties to keep warm to himself, since they have little body fat.

Nor is it healthy for them to shake, because they will burn extra calories, and that is not recommended.

Maybe on the street he went from shelter to shelter, but no matter how hard he worked to make his environment comfortable and safe, living conditions may have often been very stressful for the dog.

When you take it home, make sure it will be in a relaxed and safe environment to avoid stress.

Don't forget breakfast

Serve the dog breakfast at first hour in the morning. The most important food for humans is breakfast and so is for dogs. A good breakfast for a abandoned dog and malnourished can include a mixture of scrambled eggs, white rice and dog food of high protein value.

You have to start by giving the dog 1 cup of food and another cup only if he wants more. Avoid overfeeding to prevent vomiting.

Lunch and dinner with high protein

Meals more high in protein It's what you should feed the dog. High protein foods for example are raw eggs and / or mixed rice.

There are several other options for this meal, just make sure the dog is provided with a real source of protein. As with breakfast, start by feeding him 1 cup of food and increase him if he seems to be still hungry.

Give him a probiotic supplement

An undernourished dog might be having Gastrointestinal disorders, due to lack of food or eating inappropriate food due to hunger.

A probiotic supplement will help to recover normal gastrointestinal function, you can give it something like fortiflora, this helps calm stomach upset and diarrhea.

Regular visits to the veterinarian

Make sure the vet makes a complete examination of your dog and check if he has the vaccines, and with this the professional will give you advice on how to help restore the full health of the dog. Then go ahead with regular checks to make sure the dog is healthy and the underlying health problems are being treated.

Caring for a abandoned dog Malnourished is an extremely rewarding process, since you are saving a life and you will also welcome a new friend in your life.

Do you have any other recommendation or contribution for the care of an abandoned malnourished dog?

How to care for an abandoned dog that is malnourished is a tip for Dogs, and talks about Adoption.