Caring for a hamster's teeth


Having a hamster as a pet is a very good decision, especially if it is your first pet or if you have children. They are sweet, affectionate and very funny, as well as being easy to maintain and very cheap. But how to care for a hamster? Well taken care of, a hamster can live around five years, but there are certain things you should keep in mind. Do you want to know what to do? We tell you!

How to care for a hamster

If you are going to adopt a hamster, the first thing you should do is make sure you have all this ready when you get home:

  • A hollow ball to run and a wheel for rodents
  • Recycled paper or pine shavings
  • Hamster Food
  • Disinfectant for your cage
  • Cage: can be plastic, metal or aquarium type
  • Water bottle for rodents
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables

When the hamster comes home, follow this process ...

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You already know how to prepare your little house, but to know well how to care for a hamster there are even more things that you should consider to take care of it in your day to day.

On the one hand, Your diet is very important. Find a feed for hamsters of good quality and complement it with vegetables. Usually hamsters eat once or twice a day.

Have a good exercise! Take it out of the cage once or twice a day and put it in your running ball, always under surveillance. In addition, you can place a wheel inside its cage.

Do not forget the cleanliness of the cage, hygiene is very important So you have good health. At least once a week, you need to wash and disinfect your cage, throw away old chips and put a new bed. If there are traces of fruit and vegetables that have not been eaten, throw them away.

Be sure to put your hamster safe while you do it, so that it does not escape or be in danger. Putting that time in your running ball in a closed room is a good idea.

Hamsters don't have to bathe them! They clean themselves, if you notice that it smells bad, it is possible that it is your cage, just clean it.

Hamster teeth abnormalities

The most common problems that a hamster can present in its oral cavity are due to different causes such as feeding problems, hormonal imbalance or congenital disorders.

The following problems are the most common:

  • Broken tooth
  • Oral infection
  • Overgrowth of teeth

In the event that the hamster has a broken tooth (it may be due to calcium deficiency caused by excess sunflower seeds) or an oral infection, the opposite tooth will grow compensatory, which will carry the same risks as growth Excessive of all dental pieces, which can even lead to death from starvation, hence it is so important to determine necessary care for a hamster's teeth.

Let's see what are the hamster teeth care, as simple as important to avoid serious pathologies in our pet:

  • Check your pet's oral cavity at least once a month
  • If your hamster is older, it will require more revisions since with age these animals are prone to suffer breaks in the dental pieces
  • Before an overgrowth of the teeth, you should go to the veterinarian, he will show you what is the technique to trim the teeth and then you can do it in your home when necessary
  • If your hamster loses your appetite due to a dental problem, you should soften your food with water to avoid a state of malnutrition
  • It is counterproductive that the hamster sharpens its teeth with unsuitable materials, such as cage bars, you should always have at your disposal pressed bars, calcium snappers, mineral blocks and enough wood

Your hamster you should only gnaw your teeth with products specifically designed for rodents and although at first these cares may seem excessive or complex, nothing is further from reality, since it is only about acquiring a routine regarding the health of your pet.

Are you passionate about having a hamster?

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