A dog cataloged for being aggressive by many people, if he has a physique that can really scare anyone, but his attitude depends on his education.

If you raise it from puppy with love, it is a dog that you can easily have in your home without problems.

Normally this breed of dog He is extremely intelligent and has the great ability to hear noises at short and long distance.

This implies that you have any reaction, at any given time whether a visit arrives at your home, among someone unexpected or in the worst case scenario, it helps to avoid theft.

These qualities must be linked with one of its maximum characteristics, which are the raised ears. Of course, if you have a puppy is a lie that will have them completely raised.

That is why today I want you to learn a series of ideas that, if you implement it, will help you increase your capacity to the maximum level.

Are you interested Then aim.

How to stop a Doberman's ear

  1. Train it since childhood

Your first step, first of all, is to train him to be alert to anything. Try to meet your close relatives, it is best to recognize and see in them a friendly person.

With that you can have the freedom to have him free by the house, without worrying that he will hurt someone. The training tries to be from the first moment, seek help from a center that offers this service, if you do not feel able to achieve it.

It is better to provide quality, than educational attempts on your part.

  1. Start doing ru> Do it constantly and at the moment he is careless. Here you must be very aware of his reaction and the best of his intelligence to respond to such noise, as you know it is a dog that normally use it for care and if you want to educate him for that, you must do it with a good organization.

    Show him the different ru> How so?

You will know that there are loud and slight noises, you should try to educate your dog to perceive which is which.

He with his intelligence will easily notice, but it is essential to teach him to learn these details of the environment.

  1. Put tapes on your ears

It's a bit weird, but it deserves it so that the ears get used to being always lifted.

You can put it on for 10 to 12 days, much better if you do it as a puppy. Because when he grows up he will have it in the place where it should be, without problems. Mostly it is better to perform this step with the help of gauze, so the tape does not hurt.

Final tip

Remember that this step is always done when this puppy, so that when he grows up he is very aware of the noise.

Assuming this you should know, that you should give your love your best. You do not necessarily have to raise him, to be aggressive with all people is a serious mistake.

Because this way your physicist proves the opposite is a dog and as the saying goes is our best friend in the world.