Do rabbits cut their nails?


October 23, 2017 - Juliet of I Love Pets

Rabbits have certain care that you should know. In general, a wild rabbit in the wild will not need nail cuts because they wear out with the activity but when it comes to homemade rabbits that do not have such an exhaustive activity as a wild one, long nails can be a nuisance. We leave you some tips so that it is not such a complicated task:

Wait for the right time

There is no exact date or time of the year when you have to cut your nails, like humans, rabbits have different organisms and nails grow depending on each rabbit. It is normal to notice when they make noise when they touch the dream or when they are bent. Then we will know that it is time to start cutting.

Choose a suitable nail clipper

This will depend on your rabbit, it is generally recommended that the nail clipper be appropriate to the size of the rabbit and that it is specific to them. There are nail clippers in the form of scissors and others in the form of a "guillotine" so we recommend that you take a look at the ones on the market and decide on the one that seems most appropriate and manageable.

They can also serve those of other animals that you have at home but always keep in mind that rabbits are usually smaller than other pets and a very large one could possibly harm them.

Take care of the bleeding

Rabbits' nails have blood vessels and may unintentionally cut you and start bleeding. It is not serious but you should ask your veterinarian what medication you can use to stop this bleeding. There are specific powders and sometimes flour is recommended but it is best to consult your veterinarian about the specific needs of the animal.

Always calm

You have to keep calm and help your rabbit get into that state, it doesn't matter if it takes longer than normal. It is important for the animal to calm down and not get nervous to avoid moving a lot and have accidents.

When you take it, be firm but do not go over the pressure because you could harm your delicate body, even if you try to escape and have to take it harder, be very careful.

How to cut a rabbit's nails?

Buy safety scissors especially made for small pets, take a towel, scissors, as well as stiptic powder or cornstarch just in case.

There are several ways to cut your rabbit's nails and it really depends on the rabbit which one will work best. You can try to place a bowl of food in front of your muffin and cut your nails while he or she is eating. If you are lucky, this may work!

Another option is to use a raised surface, such as a table or counter. The rabbit can't just jump and it's more likely to stay still. Try to wrap the rabbit in a towel, so that the head and feet are visible.

The position of the butt of the rabbit in front of your stomach, so that the rabbit can't back down. You can also try to hold the rabbit in the arms (be sure to hold the spine while doing so). Just be careful not to turn the bun completely, causing a shock-induced trance.

Either way, make sure you hold firmly. You don't want to hurt him, but you also don't want him to be able to break free while cutting his nails. It will help you a lot if your rabbit feels safe, so it is best to keep it close to your body and on a stable surface. It will also help you to have someone to help you. One person holds and calms the rabbit, the other cuts his nails. Easy.

Precautions to cut rabbits' nails

Rabbits have veins that reach the claws. If a rabbit has white nails it can see the vein clearly, if it has darker nails, you may need to light a flashlight from below. You have to make the cut a little above the angled vein.

If you don't, your rabbit may suffer pain and bleed. Don't be scared, that's what paper towel and corn starch are for. Apply some cornstarch or stiptic powder to stop bleeding and move on. Try to do better next time and watch that nail for the rest of the day. If it does not stop bleeding, call the vet.

When you cut your nails, do not hesitate. You're not trying to crush them slowly (which could harm your rabbit), but you want to cut them, so keep trust and speed. Also, try to cut them all the same length.

One recommendation is to wait until the rabbit has done something wrong and then use the nail clipper as "punishment". Normally we wait until night and feed him immediately after. Then he has a distraction and all night to overcome it.

If you are afraid of this process or lack confidence in your abilities, there is no shame in ask a veterinarian for help. In fact, if you have never trimmed the nails of a small animal before, it may be a good idea to let a veterinarian show you the first time.

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When to cut your rabbit's nails?

Surely you will wonder if it is really necessary to cut your rabbit's nails and the truth is that yes, especially for prevent scratching you or other pets that you have at home, or that your nail gets stuck somewhere and hurts it.

In the wild, the rabbit does not need to trim its nails, as digging, racing and digging up in the ground are wearing down the animal's nails naturally, but this is very unlikely if your rabbit lives in an apartment or house in the that has no contact with the outside.

The nails of the front legs of rabbits grow faster than the back, so they will need to be trimmed more frequently. How often will depend a lot on the speed at which the nails grow, which varies. But nevertheless, every 4 or 6 weeks you can inspect the length, it is probably time to cut the nails.

How to know if it is time to cut them? If the nails are bent or you can hear them when your rabbit jumps on the floor, then they are too long already, and need a cut.

Aspects to consider

Before cutting your rabbit's nails, you need to know certain things to avoid accidents and make this routine not generate trauma to the animal:

  • You will need the help from one or maybe two peopleWell, although they are small, rabbits can be strongly debated when they feel threatened.
  • You need a special nail clipper for rabbits or, failing that, one for cats.
  • They have four nails and a spur (located on the inside) on the front legs, and four nails on the back.
  • Nails have a inclined shape, so you must respect this when making the cut.
  • Like cats' nails, those of rabbits are very delicate and you could harm them if you cut them incorrectly. Each nail has a white section and inside it you can see a red part, which is called live meat. Live meat is constituted>