Homemade dog biscuits

How to make dog biscuits? It's always good to start with fresh and healthy ingredients for your pet. Making cookies for dogs is a fun way to offer your dog affection and food at the same time.

Our dog biscuit recipes are designed with love, some are healthy and others are for fun. The idea is that through flavors, textures and games with food, you can enrich the life of your pet.

Many dogs today spend a lot of time alone, do little exercise, do not play as much as they would like, and to make matters worse they eat the same food every day! If I were a dog in that situation, I would also eat the chair.

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What foods are healthy for your dog?

How to make cookies for healthy dogs? In general, dogs can eat the same as humans. Yes, you heard that right! They can eat the same as us and also how in humans the amounts are what make the difference.

As in humans, a lot of sugar, a lot of salt and a lot of fats are not recommended. All fruits and vegetables are healthy for your dog, but it is recommended that you always take out the leaves, stems and seeds that can cause damage.

It is said that chocolate is poison for your dog. It is poison if you give it a whole bar of chocolate. If your dog accidentally like a little chocolate or a cookie that was stolen from a baby, or a chocolate ice cream cracker, nothing will happen. The same goes for onion, garlic, tomato, grapes. They will only like your dog if he eats them in large quantities. The truth is that dog food brands want you to think that only their feed is good for your dog, but this is not so.

If your dog has particular digestive problems, then the story is different and I recommend you check with your veterinarian to find out which ingredients are safe for your pet.

How to make dog biscuits?

The easiest way to make cookies for your dog is to use recipes with only 2 or 3 ingredients. The first and second of the ingredients have to be something that your dog really likes (protein + fruit / vegetables). Most dogs go crazy over meat of any kind: chicken, pork, beef and fish. Chicken and cow organs are also delicious options for your dog, then it is good to add a healthy ingredient, such as a fruit or vegetable.

You'll also need something to create a consistency of dough that can be poured: flour. Finally, you can add a spice like mint (to improve your dog's breath).

If your dog does not like flour, you can change in all recipes with common flour for rice flour.

homemade dog biscuits

and I hope you like them a lot, a lot for your puppy. If you like them please share the recipe and the blog. I think it is important that we all know and always be super conscious of what we eat and feed all our loved ones. If you make the recipe please share it on Instagram with the #piloncilloyvainilla or in FB giving me tag.