How to know if your hamster is male or female


The best time is when your hamster is awake and relaxed.. Do not do it when you are nervous or asleep, if it bothers you it could bite you.

Well, the best way is place it in your hands and play a little with it before taking the exam. These animals do not like to be on their backs, so it is important that you feel comfortable and do not want to escape. When you are ready, look at the bottom and back of his body.

2. Anticipate a possible fall

Your hamster may be disturbed or disturbed by what you do and fall off Just in case it happens, put a padded pillow or box under it so that no damage is done. In case there is a fall, try to make it as traumatic as possible so you don't get nervous.

The proper way to catch your hamster is as follows: Place the palm of one hand under your body, so that it supports your tripita. With the other hand, take it from the loose skin that is just above the shoulder blades, that is, by the cogote, just as the mothers catch their young. In this way, you will control your head well and it will not be able to bite you.

4. Other differences between sexes

If the size option does not clarify, to know if a hamster is male or female, look at its back: the males have it elongated and pointed, while that of the females is more rounded.

Look at the bottom of the hamster, in the area attached to the tail. This will be easier if you have already reached your sexual maturity, which occurs around 35 days.

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And the thing is more complicated if our friend is a hamster, since they are very small animals and It is harder to locate or see sex. So it can be complicated how to know what it is. This verification process increases in difficulty when, above, it is a mischievous and elusive character.

5. Gender difference

If when you look at your belly and the tail area you find 6 pairs of breasts, it is a female. If you see testicles (if there are any, you will see them, they are quite prominent), then it is a male.

The dwarf hamster species have an odoriferous gland also in that area. It is very visible, yellow and is in the navel area. If you don't see it, your hamster has not yet reached sexual maturity.

You already know how to know the sex of your hamster! The truth is that it is not difficult, all you have to take care of is choosing the right time and catching your hamster in the right way.

Size does matter

The first fact to consider is its size. Males tend to be larger than hamster females. Although this does not clear many doubts about how to know your sex, since during the first days of life they continue to grow and develop. That's why there are a couple of facts that you should keep in mind when examining your little pet.

In addition, another aspect that can be seen with the naked eye is its back. Being in a normal position, without turning it over yet, it is observed that a female has the most rounded culete area than the male, who looks bigger and pointed. This happens because, over time, our hamster - if he is a boy - will develop the testicles in that area.

A closer examination

To check with more accuracy the sex of our little hamster, we can turn it upside down and check it. Yes, should be done carefully, since they are very scary, elusive and their bites are like pinches that can hurt a lot. First we must know the usual behavior of our partner to us, to avoid the occasional disgust and know how to handle it better.

If we want our friend not to rebel a lot, we can catch it like mothers do with young: take the skin behind the head, between the area of ​​the front legs. To do this we must be careful not to harm them, since they are small and delicate. With this technique we will control your head and avoid possible scares.

That is why we will have to reposition it on our palm - firm and secure, but without getting too tight - when the animal is awake and relaxed. In this way we will not scare him more than necessary, he will not bite us and will not take stress. From here, it is easier to know your sex.

In case we are not sure if we can retain it, in case it can escape between the fingers, we can place it on a closed and soft surface. This will ensure your comfort and safety, as in a box with a cushion underneath or a towel.

Check the packages

Once we have it face up and on the palm of our hand, it will be held with the necessary force to keep it still, but without harming it. There are some species that they have a gland in the lower belly of a yellowish color, that is an indication that it is male. But if you don't belong to that group, you can also use other tips on how to distinguish your genitals.

The females present, in addition to their more rounded butt, small bumps on the abdomen. These indicate the existence of nipples, which will be the future mammary glands during breeding. In addition, the two packages that every hamster has on the part closest to the tail - or the lower belly area - are closer together. In this case, we would be talking about the anus, which is the closest to the tail, and the vagina, which would be attached to the first but located more on the lower abdomen.

On the contrary, if it were a male we would see a series of different signs. In contrast to its rounded shape, we would observe a pointed back and two bumps next to the tail with a rounded shape. Being so small, its parts are more separated and, therefore, the testicles will be positioned as far back as possible so as not to hinder them by their chubby belly.

Too you can check the holes of the anus and the penis, which are located in the same part as in the case of females, only at a different distance. The first will be closer to the tail, while the second will be higher, located on the belly. In their case, males do not have latent nipples.

The word of an expert

Despite the advice we have presented, the truth is that a veterinarian will have more experience in these areas. Further, We can consult an expert in case of doubt about the sex of our little friend or to confirm what we think it is.

We can also wait a little to know their sex. Hamsters they develop their genitals completely after the first 35 days of life. If we wait for this time, at a minimum, we can better observe the positioning and know if it is male or female.

Coexistence Advice

If you still don't have a hamster but it makes you very excited, or if you already have one but want to give him some animal company, know that It is not advisable to bring this species together. The problem arises when we bring together two species of the same sex, as is the case with males.

Their territoriality and the testosterone of these little ones makes the fights a continuum in the cage. Even in separate cages they would continue fighting for their dominance in our house. On the contrary, a female with another female would not cause any problems.

Going for the couple can be very exciting, but only at the beginning. It is known that female hamsters are jealous every four days. This translates into a lot of sexual activity and the possibility of offspring. That seems nice, but it is not pleasant when they meet many at once, because they are small, shrill and need intensive care.

Tips to recognize if a hamster is female or male

Before explaining how to know if a hamster is female or male, it is necessary to clarify some general recommendations to avoid confusion and, above all, to ensure a positive experience for the animal. Taking the hamster improperly, for example, can make the animal feel insecure, uncomfortable, annoying, and even try to attack us to free itself, damaging the relationship we had established with it so far. That said, let's see what to consider to determine the sex of a hamster.

To know for sure if a hamster is male or female, it is necessary wait for it to reach sexual maturity. Thus, in general, a hamster is usually considered sexually active from 30-50 days of life, being males later than females. Of course, the definitive period of time may vary depending on the species and, therefore, if we have difficulties in identifying the sex of a hamster, it is best to wait a little longer or go to a veterinarian. Likewise, it should be noted that the fact of being sexually mature does not imply that they can already have offspring, since a pregnancy before 10 weeks of life is totally discouraged. However, later we will talk about the issue of reproduction.

When recognizing whether a hamster is male or female, it is necessary to ensure a relaxed, totally stress-free environment. To do this, we can start by gently stroking the animal, offering it some piece of food and letting it sit on the palm of our hand. Little by little, we can try to catch it, always placing ourselves on a soft surface in case it escapes and taking it without damaging it or making it nervous. When we notice that it's time, we will not turn to the hamster completely to leave it face up, we will simply try to put it diagonally so that it does not lose security or get scared. We repeat, all gently and respecting rodent times. Once the posture is achieved, we will observe the genitals.

How to know if my hamster is male?

Recognize whether a hamster is male or female because of its size on many occasions may not be conclusive, since in some species the male is the largest while in others it is the female. For example, if we look for how to know if a Russian hamster is male or female, we should know that, in general, the male is larger than the female. The same happens with the Chinese hamster, however, the opposite happens with other types of hamsters.

To know if your hamster is male, it is best to observe the perianal area of ​​the animal, just below the tail, exerting slight pressure and separating the hair. Males are characterized by presenting a greater distance between the genital papilla (penis) and the anus. In addition, the back of his body, the one corresponding to the tail, usually ends in a point due to the location of the testicles. In this sense, some species have them more protuberant than others, such as the Chinese hamster, this being one of the easiest to sex.

The umbilical gland It can also help us to know if a hamster is male or female, since in males it is much more visible than in females To see it, we must hold the animal gently and separate the hair from the part that would correspond to the navel.

How to know if my hamster is female?

In the same way that the body of male hamsters usually ends up pointed by the testicles, the body of the females is usually rounded by their absence. However, the best way to know if a hamster is female or male is through their genitals, since females have a distance between the anus and the genital papilla (vulva) very short, placing a hole very close to the other. In addition, in females it is possible to notice the presence of nipples in the lower abdomen, although in young specimens it is not always easy.

In short, to recognize if a hamster is male or female we will check the perianal area, located under the tail, and we will check the distance between the anus and the great hole, if they are practically together, it is a female, and if they are considerably separated, it is A male. This usually works in most cases, provided that the animals exceed three weeks of life, although many are wondering how to know if a roborovski hamster is male or female because it is the most difficult to sexe because it is the smallest of all. For these cases, if the observation of the mentioned points does not work, it will be necessary to wait a bit or visit the veterinarian.

Which is better a male or female hamster?

It depends on each situation and whether it is intended to have one or more of a hamster. If you only want to live with one of these adorable animals, the decision to choose a male or female hamster It is totally personal. Now, if the idea is to share with two hamsters, here are some recommendations:

  • In general, males usually fight each other for territorial reasons, so it is not advisable to have two in the same space.
  • Females, on the other hand, tend to have a quiet coexistence.
  • Hamsters are very receptive and active animals, since females usually go into heat every 4-5 days approximately, so if we have a female and a male together, it is likely that in a very short period of time we will have a whole population of hamsters.
  • Some adult hamsters do not tolerate the arrival of a new one, so it is advisable to introduce both at the same time.

And when you are sure if you are going to choose a male or female hamster, do not miss our article on "Basic hamster care" and discover the "List of good fruits and vegetables for hamsters".

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Female and Male Hamsters have a Different Orientation of Organs

Hamster sexing it can be difficult . It can be even more if they are young or if you don't have hamsters male and female to compare. The basic differences are similar for all hamster species: Syrian, dwarf or Chinese . However, each species has different characteristics or traits that can help in the identification of sex.

Holding a Hamster to Determine if it is Male or Female

Hold your hamster face up to see the belly area You can put your hand on the hamster and turn it gently on its back or hold it by the neck. Hold the hamster in a slightly upright position> ("seated") will help you determine if testicles are present .

Anogenital Distance

The way Safer to know if a hamster is male or female is looking at the anogenital distance . It is the distance between the genital openings (penile openings in the males , vaginal and urinary openings in females) and the anus. This distance is much shorter in females than in males. The two openings can be difficult to distinguish in females, while in males they are separated from 1 to 2 centimeters .

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A priori, have a male hamster or female hamster It is not very important if you only have one hamster and your intention is to keep only one.

If your intention is to have a hamster and then, in the future to have another one, then if you have to keep in mind that hamster we have, whether female or male.

The decision is quite personal., I am going to tell you because we have a female and what made us that decision.

At home we had never had a hamster and therefore, from the beginning we decided to have only one and then we would see with time if these animals we fell in love to have more or not.

As the possibility of having more remained open, the option that was considered from the beginning was have a female

A female because if we wanted to give company to our Lola in the future, the right choice for them to get along with each other was another female.

Two males together fight to the point that enough damage can be done, and that we were not going to want. Having two males, to have two cages, we saw a little absurd because in the end they would not be two hamsters but they would be one plus one, they would always be alone after all.

The male-female option or vice versa, it is a slightly crazy option that for now, and I think that never, it will happen to us. A hamster has a zeal every 4 days and the accumulation of offspring would be crazy.

By the same rule of three as before, having male and female to have two cages was not viable either.

For these reasoning, the correct option was a female, and if one day we encourage another hamster, it will be another female and will be with Lola in a large cage shared for both.

In the pet shops where hamsters sell, usual places where they are bought, sometimes they are not very clear about who is male or who is female.

If our hamsters are from a hatchery, we cannot trust what they tell us but from a clerk in an animal shop, we cannot trust much. Let's see, there are dependent super lovers of their work who know hamster cloth and with a few seconds it is enough to hit almost 100% if it is male or female, but my experience tells me that not all are like that. Let no one feel alluded to.

I leave a photo, clear enough for us to check first people if the hamster we are going to take home It is male or female.

The females have a rounded ass, or if we put them on their backs, we see that they have two little dots together, the first is the vagina and the second is the anus.

The males have their spikes, with two small bumps on the sides that are the testicles. Two dots separated from each other, the penis and the anus.

It distinguishes itself from distinguishing one from the other by looking at many, again and again.

I have a female and I have left my reasoning for such a decision, and you, What hamster do you have, male or female and why did you choose that option?

Other General Differences

Some additional differences They apply to all hamsters, although they can be difficult to see. This will depend on the age Y species of the hamster:

  • The rear end of the male tends to be elongated and round in appearance compared to the female.
  • Male hamsters often have a remarkable scrotum with testicles after about four weeks of age, although the testicles can retract.
  • Only female hamsters have nipples.

Characteristics of Syrian Hamsters

Determine the sex of Syrian hamsters it is easier than sexing other species because the differences between males and females are quite obvious . Syrian hamster females have visible nipples They appear in two parallel rows and along the sides of the belly. The nipples are more visible when the hamster hair is short. Syrian male hamsters have fairly obvious testicles that extend from your rear end . The testicles can be withdrawn (like all male hamsters) or hide> through the skin. They are generally noticeable in most cases.

Characteristics of Dwarf Hamsters

Dwarf hamsters have some additional characteristics They will help you determine your sex. Male dwarf hamsters have a visible olfactory gland located near the middle of the belly. There may also be yellow or oily spots around of the gland , as a result of the secretions of the gland. The female of the dwarf hamster has some very small aromatic glands They are hard to see. Male dwarf hamsters can also be identified by their testicles and by the shape of the rear end that narrows towards its tails. The testicles they are more visible in the mature hamsters . Finally, male dwarf hamsters are larger than females. Although the size is an unreliable measure because it varies according to the age and the animal

Characteristics of Chinese Hamsters

The characteristic most notable of Chinese hamsters is the shape of their hindquarters . Males have more rear ends long Y round than the females However, if you do not have both hamster sexes for comparison, you will have to rely on the anogenital distance for one >.

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