Why does my cat meow a lot?


Does your cat meow a lot suddenly? Some cats simply enjoy making noise, but if your cat has suddenly changed its behavior, you should verify that everything is in order.

Here are some reasons for that constant meowing of a cat:

1. Your cat is in heat

Of course, this may be the main reason why your cat has started meowing if it is not sterilized. If your unsterilized cat of five or six months, suddenly begins to meow very continuously, it is most likely because it is in heat.

This sound of cats in heat can be disturbingly loud and, as if your cat felt pain. They are usually accompanied by super affectionate behavior and a strange position when they are caressed.

The puppy and the maulls>

When we separate a kitten from his mother and siblings, he will most likely meow frequently during the first days in our home. It does not do so because it is not being well attended, the reason that responds to this behavior is much simpler. Since its birth the cat puppy is accustomed to meowing when he moves away from his mother so that she can find him quickly.

By adopting it, experience the same feeling of separation and, therefore, goes to the meow to call his father. In order for this separation to be as hard as possible and the little one to develop correctly, the most advisable thing is always that the kittens remain with their mother until they reach two months of life.

As you can see, that a puppy meows the first days he is with us is completely normal. In this sense, what you should do is try to make your little partner adapt to his new life as soon as possible, providing the basic care he needs and offering all your love. Of course, always without consenting or pampering him in excess, because to obtain a happy, healthy and balanced feline it is not necessary to provide all the whims he asks for. We must educate him.

That a puppy meow at various times of the day when we have just adopted it is completely normal, but when an adult feline does it is when we must stop to listen, observe and find out why it meows.

If we observe that our feline has suddenly started meowing suddenly, the first thing we should do is check if it does so because feel some kind of pain. To do this, we will have to feel very gently all the areas of his body and observe his reaction, if he complains when we touch a certain part we will have found the answer and we must go to the veterinarian immediately. On the other hand, whenever we witness a blow or fall, even if the physical damage is not visible to the naked eye, it is possible that internal consequences may occur that can be serious or minor. Therefore, it is so important to take our pet to the veterinarian as soon as the blow occurs. In most cases, internal damage usually manifests itself days after the coup.

If after palpating your cat does not react but continues to meow, you should observe all its movements and behaviors to analyze if it presents other symptoms, such as lack of appetite, decay, vomiting, diarrhea, hair loss, etc. In case of manifesting any other symptoms, it is possible that your cat suffer some disease that only a specialist can diagnose and treat.


In the same way that dogs emit different types of barking depending on what they mean by them, cats also have several meows depending on the cause that causes them. Have you tried to take your cat to the veterinarian and has started broadcasting a severe meow, strong and long? This is the typical reaction of a cat that is suffering from a stress picture.

Whenever you identify that type of meow, it means that your feline is stressed for some reason and therefore you should treat it immediately. To do this, the first thing you should do is identify the cause that is causing that stress. Once identified, you must proceed to solve it. You should keep in mind that cats are animals that require their own space or corner to go to feel protected and safe when they feel threatened, afraid or simply want to disconnect and relax. If your furry companion does not have it, it will be essential that you start looking for one or observe what is the place of the home that he likes most to establish his space there.

Does the cat spend a lot of time alone?

One of the main symptoms of anxiety In cats it is the meow. If your cat spends long hours alone at home, boredom and, in general, loneliness can develop in him a state of anxiety that must be treated immediately. Normally, excessive meowing is usually accompanied by other behavioral problems, such as scratching furniture or hyperactivity.

We tend to believe that cats because they are more independent than dogs do not require so much attention and care. It's not like that. In addition to water, food and a clean sandpit, they need us to provide fun and exercise. More than due to lack of love, the cat suffers anxiety when he spends a lot of time just because he is bored and requires entertainment. Hence it happens to have a bad behavior or meow a lot.

My cat meow for anxiety, what do I do?

To solve this situation, we must ensure that we leave enough space in the home so that you can move freely when we are not at home. We will have to buy a scraper and toys so you can have fun without our presence, let you have access to a window by looking outside and reduce your feeling of being locked up and, of course, spend a little more of our time playing with it . We advise you to go to a specialist so that you can examine your cat personally and decide the best guidelines to follow to treat your anxiety.

Maúlla because she wants to>

It may seem like a simple question, but does your cat eat everything it needs? It is possible that your cat is hungry with the daily meal dose that you provide and meow a lot to ask for more food. Depending on its weight and size, you should provide a quantity of feed or other that you should consult in the food package or ask the veterinarian.

If you already provide the amount you need and still see that your cat meows a lot, what you should check is the kind of food what do you give Cat feeding should be based on the combination of dry and wet feed and, as far as possible, homemade diets. For more information, see our article in which we tell you all about cat feeding.

If your pet does not like the food you give him, or is bored of always receiving the same feed, he will most likely stop eating and claim another type of food through the meowing. In these cases, felines tend to meow near the food bowl, refrigerator or place where we keep the prizes and treats we give them.

Glad to see us

The way cats have greet us when they see us It is through meows, caresses and, in some cases, licks. Although it is hard to believe, cats can also become very affectionate, show us that they are happy with us and make our presence happy. Therefore, they may meow both when we get home after being absent, such as when they wake up from a long nap or cross paths with them in the hallway.

What do we do? Return the greeting with a show of affection, which may well be a light caress or a touch of affection. We do not want you to understand that meowing is good and you can do it for no reason, we simply want you to perceive that we are also glad to see you. Therefore, an exaggerated attitude on our part will not be necessary.

He wants to get our attention

As you can see, not all the reasons that answer the question why a cat meows a lot are negative. When we observe that our feline does not suffer from any ailment, we provide him with the most appropriate diet for him, he does not suffer anxiety and neither does he meow only when he sees us, but he does it on other occasions, most likely he simply wants to get our attention why We do not dedicate the time required.

As we discussed in previous sections, cats also need us to pay attention and spend time playing with them to burn the energy accumulated during the day. In addition to reducing the meows, we will get a happy, healthy, balanced pet and strengthen our bond with her.

Have you adopted a stray cat?

If you have just adopted a stray cat and have noticed that he meows a lot every time you approach, visits come, he hears some strange noise, etc., he will most likely do so because he feels threatened and is constantly on the defensive. Keep in mind that for a long time you have been exposed to all kinds of dangers, you have been able to have a fight with other cats or, even, someone has been able to harm you. In these cases, the meows emitted by felines who believe they are in danger are usually more similar to a scream strong, tall, sharp and long. So you know how to act, we recommend that you consult our article on tips for adopting stray cats.

Cat in zeal?

When cats are in heat, they emit very long, sharp and tall meows so that male cats come to your call and can reproduce. In general, when they are in this stage, they usually have a more affectionate attitude than normal, scrubbing themselves on the floor to relieve their instinct and even cry.

To calm her during this moment, you must pay more attention, show more affection than usual and play a lot with her. If you do not want it to mate, we recommend that you take precautions and close all home sales to prevent them from escaping or stray cats entering your home.

Your cat gets older

When cats reach old age they tend to meow for no reason, emitting a long and serious sound. They can do it in any space of the home and time of day. However, to ensure that your cat is in perfect condition, from Expert Animal we recommend that you increase regular visits to the veterinarian.

On the other hand, keep in mind that an old cat does not require the same care as a young one. If you are not providing them, the meowing is likely to increase and your health is impaired. To offer you the best quality of life, see our article on care for elderly cats.

If your cat meows a lot, don't ignore him

As you can see, there are many causes that can determine why a cat meows a lot. Some of them refer to serious health reasons that require the help of a veterinarian so that he can diagnose the ailment and start the best treatment. In either case, ignorance should never be the solution. Paying attention to what our cat wants to tell us can be the key to identifying a disease in time, treating a mental disorder that can only get worse, realizing that we don't give him the right food or realizing that we don't offer him all the care you need.

Likewise, we must never resort to violence to correct a behavior. With this act, the only thing we will achieve is that our cat be afraid of us and increase the intensity of the meowing. As we commented throughout the article, it is best to find the cause that causes them and treat it.

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My cat meats a lot at night and early in the morning

One of the main queries that novice cat caregivers ask us is why your cat makes so much noise at night. The explanations are many, but you must always follow the same protocol. First you have to examine your body for injuries. The cause that you always have to fear is that you have hit yourself when you fall or your body hurts because of illness.

If your cat meows because he has an injury, it will hurt when touched, so examine it well. You will suspect that their meowing is caused by a disease if it occurs in conjunction with other symptoms. The most common are a sudden change in mood, weight loss, appetite or hair shine, drowsiness, vomiting or diarrhea.

My cat meats a lot in the morning

To definitely rule out meowing because of illness or injury, ask your veterinarians online. Tell us your symptoms, how long you have been meowing and other signs of discomfort. Discarded this, another of the classic reasons why your cat meowly weird in the morning is because of hunger or because he wants to eat something else.

Cats are very exquisite and will not always willingly accept what you put in the feeder. That is why we recommend that you choose top quality food and that you incorporate it into your diet little by little. If you do it abruptly it may vomit or cause belly pain. Sometimes a cat simply meats in the morning as a greeting.

My cat meow when he sees me

In addition to hunger or disease, if your cat meows to see you it is because he wants you to listen, the question is why. You may want to pay attention to him because he needs you to pamper him. A pussycat will claim you if he misses you or if you haven't played for him for a long time. That is why it is a good idea that you get used to enjoying his side for a while a day.

Ideally, it should always be at the same time. Routine causes animals to calm downIt makes them feel safe and manages to prevent the onset of stress. This is important because another of the great causes for which your colleague makes noises is anxiety.

My weird cat, what's wrong with him?

Felines are independent animals, but that doesn't mean they don't need us. Many cats, adding a new member to the home or having a sudden change in their life can get very nervous. Also if you have a move, if you are going to make a trip with them or if you have to take them to the vets.

Whenever you can introduce all these changes in your day to day little by little, without hurry. Obviously, you cannot stop your life for him, but it is your responsibility to make it as pleasant as possible.

My cat meows a lot and is very cuddly

We reach the last of the most common cases of increased meowing with heat. The cats, if they are in heat, will meow more and will be much more affectionate. If this is your case and these meows lengthen overnight until dawn, get in touch with our ethologists. Our specialists will recommend what to do and how to control your colleague's zeal, also explain all the alternatives that exist for this case.

In short, if your cat meows a lot, it is normal to just want to get your attention. First you have to rule out that it is a disease, from an injury or stress. After that, try to play more with him, pamper him and get him a good routine for his day to day. Little by little you will finally understand it and you will know the meaning of each and every one of its meows.

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