The 5 best dog beds (Buying Guide 2018)


We provide you with a series of tips for you to choose the best bed for your pet.

When we acquire or we adopt a pet there are many things that we must consider. Above all the amount of time we can devote to provide the best quality of life, in terms of health and love, that the animal needs.

Surely the first day you arrive at our home we will have prepared your area to make your needs>

Many pets choose to sleep in bed or on the couch, although the ideal (especially in the case of dogs) would be that they had their own sleeping bed, either in the same room as their owners or in a different one.

We give you some tips to choose the right bed for your dog, making him feel comfortable in his own space and do not sleep in bed with you, feeling both more comfortable.

Choose the right bed when you are still a puppy

Most dogs come home when they are still puppies, so its size is much smaller than what they will get when they are older. Therefore, we must buy a bed that fits your needs, since if it is too large you will not feel at ease. He thinks that he is still very small and that he has just abandoned his mother or his lair companions, so he will probably feel lonely and helpless.

So, the correct bed to rest for your pet During these first months of life it should be tiny, preferably round and with a lateral support on both sides, making it feel more protected. There are beds in which the base is round and plastic and the mattress that goes inside softer and more comfortable so that your pet can rest at ease.

Remember that you should put a blanket on the mattress so that the dog feels more comfortable and protected, especially now that he is still a puppy and needs to feel comfortable in his new home. Place your bed near you either in the same room or in the hallway, it will smell and feel close to you, but you will learn that your bed is not the same as yours, since each one has its own space.

Choose the right bed according to the size of your dog

If your dog is not going to grow much more you can choose to leave it the same Bed he had when he was a puppy or buy him an equal or a little bigger. Some dogs prefer to remove the plastic structure and keep only the mattress on the floor, as they feel more freedom or more cool in summer when they are directly near the ground.

In case you have a big dog, surely this will prefer to sleep on a specific mattress for dogs directly on the ground. However, many are large dogs that sleep on the mattresses of small dogs, feeling more warm and warm, especially in winter.

Therefore, the size depends on the size of your pet, so it is not always essential. The best advice then will be to choose your dog's bed according to his needs, for this you will have to do tests and perhaps buy more than one and determine in this way how your pet feels more comfortable.

exist small dogs that sleep better with a mattress for dogs directly on the floor, without a plastic structure, or large dogs that prefer a round square bed when feeling more wrapped. But whatever the bed is, it is good advice that you put a blanket for dogs on top, so they can cover up to feel more clothed and this will give off both your smell and yours, so they will also feel more comfortable next to her . Remember that there are more cold dogs than others, so you should leave it in bed all year, unless he removes it alone completely in summer because it gives excessive heat.

Get that the dog gets to rest in his bed and not getting on yours or on the couch will not be an easy task. The dog may consider that these two mattresses are much more comfortable than his, so it is up to you to learn to sleep in his own bed. In this way both of you will feel more comfortable and your dog will learn to find his own space and respect yours.

Once the dog has learned to sleep in his bed you can place it in another place in the house if you feel like it. There are owners who leave it in the living room, both on the floor and on the sofa or an armchair, others who have it inside their room or in the hallway. That only depends on your needs and those of your dog, thus making you both feel more comfortable, you can rest and be happy together at home.

To choose a good bed for your pet may not be easy for you During the first months you spend together and make him sleep in it, you may not either. You should keep in mind that having a pet is a great responsibility and that it takes a lot of time, dedication and effort to take care of it. However, all these efforts are rewarded with the great amount of love, affection and respect that your dog will give you. For this reason, you must dedicate the necessary time to find a bed in which your pet feels comfortable to be able to return all the affection that she gives you and that so little asks you in return. Remember that a pet at home and with you will always be a happy pet.

Why buy a dog bed? What advantages do they have?

Beyond providing your puppy with a comfortable place to rest, dog beds have many other advantages:

  • It isolates you from the soil temperature, both from cold and heat.
  • It provides a quiet place where you can relax without anyone bothering you
  • If your dog is fearful, a bed will provide a feeling of protection and security.
  • They are assigned a place to sleep, thus avoiding using our bed or sofa, which could generate behavioral problems (there have been cases where some dogs urinate in their owners' beds to mark territory)
  • If your puppy is older, has mobility problems, or suffers joint problems you can find the comfort you need in orthopedic beds.

Things to keep in mind when buying a dog bed

When buying a bed for your dog it is very important to pay attention to a number of things that will make your dog feel comfortable in it and want to use it. We will also look at some details that will make maintenance easier and last longer. When buying your bed, keep this in mind:

  • Size of your dog: Given that not all dogs measure the same, we should look for a bed designed for the size of our dog. Some models of dog beds are one size, others have different sizes. Before deciding on the bed you want, you must first take measures for your dog to be sure to choose the right size. Remember that if the bed is going to be used by more than one dog, in this case you should look for a larger one.
  • Way of sleeping: If your dog likes to sleep curled up I recommend that you choose a bed with padded edges and round or oval shape, this will make her feel comfortable and protected. If your dog likes to sleep stretched, his thing may be more a bed without borders and more rectangular.
  • Time of the year: In winter, a padded bed with edges and materials such as the plush that protect your dog from the cold is preferable, while in summer a mattress bed or cooling mats that will help you cope with high temperatures is preferable.
  • Washing options: some have a cover that allows you to get into the washing machine, others can be inserted directly into the drum. A bed with machine wash options will allow you to have your bed cleaner and last longer, in addition to removing dust mites and dirt.
  • Location: If the dog's bed is going to spend a lot of time outdoors you should choose an outdoor bed that is waterproof or with high quality fabrics that prevent it from deteriorating rapidly.

Fit the size of the dog bed

It is obvious, but on several occasions the owners do not meet this requirement. Our pet must be comfortable in his bed, seeing it as an appetizing resting place. There is no better way to achieve this than by adapting the size of the bed to that of the dog. Trunk, head and limbs of the dog should be inside it.

You should know that a bed lower than the dog will allow the Feeling unwell in the can while a larger bed will will stop providing the security and heat that every dog ​​demands.

The size of the dog should be measured when he is sleeping. In this way, the bed will adapt to the position of the dog. In the event that our pet sleeps in different positions, we should always have as a reference the one in which it is more stretched - since it occupies more space and the bed will not be small.

Seek maximum comfort

It is one of the elements to look for when we go to select the dog bed. The huge variety of models complicate the choice, but it gives us a unique range of possibilities.

Mattresses, cushions, foam rubber liners, wicker baskets, molded huts and even sophisticated sofas They cover the sales of this sector. With all these elements and beds, it is not surprising that dogs dream nice things. If you want to know everything about dogs' dreams, here is a very interesting article about it.

Easy cleaning

Apart from pursuing the peace of mind of our faithful companion, also we want the canine rest area to be easily washable. The components of the dog bed often get dirty frequently, so we must ask always to our seller if the material of the bed we want fights well this fact.

In these cases, it is recommended that the mattresses of the dogs are waterproof, so that they can be extracted in an easy way for washing.

Quiet place without being disturbed

The bed becomes a true point of tranquility and calm that the dog can not find anywhere else in the house. In addition, it can become a leisure area where the dog will play with various toys. And even learning! It is shown that dogs learn while they sleep.

Feeling of protection and security

If the bed brings so much comfort and tranquility to our pet that is because feels safe and secure in it. For this to happen in our pet, it is necessary to choose the appropriate bed following the recommendations above. It is the best way to have happy dog ​​dreams.

Distinguish spaces

A fundamental point of giving the dog a bed is to separate spaces between it and the owner. It is very common that certain pets get on the sofa or beds without the consent of their caregiver. This occurs because the owners have not been able to distinguish the spaces well. With the purchase of a dog bed and proper education, our dog will not invade our space without our permission.