How to choose a guinea pig


With these simple tips we help you find the best place to live your guinea pig or to transport.

If you plan to adopt a guinea pig, the first thing you have to do is know what type of cabin (cage) our pet needs, since It is not the same to buy a cage for a hamster or a rabbit, even if they are similar animals. It is true that guinea pigs are not large animals, but that is not why we are going to provide them with the cage that best suits us, but we must choose one based on the size we have in our house.

How should our guinea pig cage be?

The first thing we should consider when we go to choose the cage of our guinea pig will be the size That this must have. If we only have one guinea pig, the minimum recommended measures for the cage is 65cm long, 40cm wide and 35cm high, although if we can get a bigger, better. The height of the cage is important, since the bigger and taller it is, we can add ramps so that our guinea pig can enjoy the moments that pass inside it. The recommended size of the cage is 2 square meters.

The cage edges they must be with bars, but not wide enough so that our pet can stick its head. It should not be closed as it can cause anxiety and keep it isolated. He cage floor It must be of a solid surface, not of bars, since these can damage the legs of our pet. In addition to quality materials that can be easily cleaned. The soil will be covered with pressed wood shavings that will absorb urine and collect feces. We must clean it as many times as necessary so that our pet does not live in conditions of high dirt. It is advisable to change these chips at least twice a week.

If we don't want to leave our guinea pig locked in a cage, either because we don't want to or because we can provide a room in the house, we can create a specific pen that contains everything our guinea pig needs, from food to water and several floors where you can run and play. If we do not want or cannot provide a complete room. To create that enclosure, we can limit it with some separations inside a room with wooden fences or a mesh. It must be high enough so that they cannot jump and escape. If we have two or think of adopting another, the cage measures should be larger. Your guinea pig sure appreciates the company and the space.

Where do I put my guinea pig's cage?

We must take into account the available places we have in our house to know where to place the cage. We cannot put it near a window or near the radiators, because temperature change can make our pet sick. We must also discard the coldest or wettest places. We must put it in a place that is close to us, that is not in an isolated part of the house, that can see us often and is always in visual contact with us.

Is recommended that the cage is not on the ground, but it is best that it be placed in a high place so that our guinea pig does not panic when we approach, that it can see us as giants and can feel threatened. In addition, the soil can be moist and humidity will not suit our pet. In addition, we must provide it with a place in the cage where it can make its nest and hide if necessary, since they are quite scary pets.

Items that should be in your guinea pig's cage

In addition to the dimensions of the cage, we must take into account the necessary utensils so that our pet's stay is the best when it is inside.

- The feeder. Since he needs a place where we can give him the food, we cannot leave it lying anywhere in the cage.

- Drinker. You should always have fresh, clean water at your full disposal. The best are classic rodent drinking troughs. If you put it in a bowl, you can throw it away.

- A place to hide. It can be a closed or open nest, with hay at your disposal. Guinea pigs need a place to hide and feel at home.

- A henero To place the hay, you must also have it unlimitedly and at your free disposal.

- Ramps and toys so that our pet can play, have fun and explore.

Although our guinea pig has its cage and specific place, it needs to run and play, in addition to exercising hours. Although in the cage you have everything you need to survive, It is recommended that, whenever possible, be out of the cage and have freedom to run and enter the cage to drink water or do your needs whenever you want.

The space

How much space do you have? Guinea pigs do not need much space to live, but they still cannot be locked in a shoebox. Make sure you have the right place for your new partner to grow up happy.

Are you going to adopt more than one? It is the most advisable since they are social animals and live better in company, but you must bear in mind that the space has to be twice as large, you cannot put several animals at the same time in a place where they cannot run and move freely.

The guinea pig breed is also important. For example, rex guinea pigs they are bigger than others, so if you want to adopt one you must have even more space for it. Here you can find tips to prepare a guinea pig's cage step by step.

Although caring for a guinea pig is easy, you should devote a portion of your time. That is why you must choose the guinea pig breed that you are going to adopt. The guinea pigs long need more attention and care since you will have to comb them more often to untangle their hair and keep it clean, while a short-haired one does not need that to be done with such assiduity.

Of course we recommend that when you go to adopt a guinea pig you go to a specialized site or adopt it in an exotic animal shelter. When we don't know how to choose a guinea pig we may be a little lost, but the most important thing to keep in mind is your health. Before taking her home, check her eyes, her muzzle and her ears to make sure she is healthy.

  • Eyes: The eyes should be wide open and without blemish.
  • Nose: must be without her>

When you are going to adopt a guinea pig, it must be at least six to ten weeks old, that is, must be weaned and have the ability to live without his mother. A smaller guinea pig will have to be fed with bottles and is more likely to not grow as healthy as one that has been raised with its mother.

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The first thing you should do

Before leaving and bringing home a guinea pig or two, you need to have your home ready and waiting for your arrival. If you have already said>habitat and needs must be covered. This means that you should not look for a guinea pig first and then buy the rest of the things.

Guinea pigs cannot be loose at home or in a box for a long time. This is why we recommend you first read about what you need to have a guinea pig at home. This has to do with your cage, food and even the toys you can provide.

You will also have to find a veterinarian Well informed that you have had a lot of experience with guinea pigs. Remember that you are looking for a veterinarian who works with exotic pets.

Contact some veterinarians in your area to find out if they have> local bailouts and ask if they could recommend a veterinarian in the area.

Once you have chosen a veterinarian, keep the phone number where you can find easily, in case of emergency.

Learn all you can about guinea pigs

It is very important that before going out to select a guinea pig and take it home you will be instructed as much as you can about these pets.

It's not just about knowing how to keep them. It is also very important that you know about more common diseases They can attack your new pet. In addition, it is important that you look for information about the possibility> male or female couple is also a great help.

Rescues and shelters:

I would recommend that you find rescue sites or local shelters in your area There are guinea pigs out there in Extreme necess> organizations that are in charge of rescuing these furry, surely they will be happy to help you.

You could also ask a veterinarian if he knows of any guinea pig that needs a house. People who are new to guinea pigs tend to want a baby instead of an older one. But giving a loving home to an adult guinea pig is very gratifying.

Sometimes the most adult guinea pigs have been neglected or abandoned, but with a caring owner, they will soon come to trust you and they will give you endless joy.

Pet Stores:

The most common place to choose a guinea pig is, of course, a pet store. However, you have to have a lot of> do not care for their animals correctly, although there are some exceptions.

There are some problems that are common among the guinea pigs> there are mixed sexes, so you could end taking home a pregnant female.

On the other hand, in some pet stores they are not provided with adequate space or the necessary degree of cleanliness. This may mean you take home a guinea pig with some disease which you will have to deal with later.

If you go to a pet store to choose a guinea pig and you see that they are not taking care of their animals correctly do not buy. Besides this, it would not be a bad idea to denounce This fact before the authorities.

It is important to know what are the basic rules of hygiene and health in which a guinea pig should be. That's why at the beginning we recommend learn all you can About these pets.

In several parts you can get professional guinea pig breeders. This is a good place to go to choose a guinea pig. These people know perfectly what the needs of these pets are. In addition, you have the opportunity> to see the behavior of the guinea pigs before taking them home.

A good breeder will also give you the possibility> separated by sex. This means that there is little or no risk of taking a pregnant female home.

In addition, breeders They are an excellent source of information about the guinea pigs and the specific species you choose to take home. This means that they can clarify any questions you have about caring for your new pet.

Breeders will tell you what the diet The guinea pig is taking you home. This is great because drastic changes in your diet can cause health problems. This is the option we recommend when choosing a baby guinea pig to take home.

Choose between females or males

Both males and females they make equally wonderful animals. If you are new to guinea pigs, you can take home two of the same sex. Guinea pigs thrive by living with a cage mate. You cannot be with them 24 hours a day and taking home two will mean they will never feel alone and will have a playmate.

It is important to know that some males are usually quite territorial but in the end it depends on the personnel> of the appropriate size.

If you want a pair but do not want to raise guinea pigs, it is necessary that either sterilized . This is an important step so that you do not end up with a large number of offspring at home.

Choose a guinea pig. What breed to acquire

There is a great cant>guinea pig breeds available. Some tend to be more popular than others, but in truth all are equally as adorable. However, when choosing a guinea pig we must understand that Some races require different care.

For example, the long hair guinea pigs They will need an exclusive weekly time to care for their hair. These races are recommended for people with experience in the care of guinea pigs. For beginners, short hair guinea pigs are more recommended. Which does not mean that you cannot choose anyone.

Read all you can about the care of different races on our page. This will help you make the right decision when choosing a guinea pig as a pet.

How can I know if a guinea pig is healthy?

It is advisable to choose a healthy guinea pig. Remember that it is a pet that will be in your home near your family. Some conditions like the mites They are not always immediately detectable, but they are very treatable. And naturally, you can't always know if something is wrong right away. Here is a list of things that indicate that a guinea pig is healthy:

1) The guinea pig is activerunning on all fours

2) His eyes are openbright and clear

3) The nose looks clean, showing no signal of liquid discharge

4) You can listen to it breathing, it must be silent not forced

5) Check the skin of the guinea pig, should not be flaky or show bald patches

6) See the lower area of ​​the guinea pig. A dirty butt could indicate that you have diarrhea

7) Check the guinea pig's teeth, the two upper teeth should carefully overlap the two lower teeth.

8) The body of the guinea pigs must be nice and chubby

Choosing a healthy and perfect guinea pig for us should not be very complex. Follow these tips and do not forget to enjoy the wonderful company of these adorable pets!

To take into account with our future guinea pig

Another factor to note is that guinea pigs do NOT transmit any disease to humans. So both we and our children and friends can be calm and play freely with the new pet. On the other hand we can hit them with colds. The guinea pig is an animal incapable of synthesizing vitamin C, for this reason it is very prone to suffer colds, being more sensitive of small than of adults.

Sex as a factor of our guinea pig

Sex is not a determining factor when choosing our guinea pig. If the guinea pig is going to be alone, it is totally indifferent that we choose a male or a female. If we want to have two guinea pigs to play with each other and have fun, we must think if we want them to reproduce or if on the contrary we just want them to keep company. To have two guinea pigs of the same sex, it is advised to have two females.

We must also take into account the type of guinea pig hair. A long hair guinea pig needs more of our care and attention by having to brush it more often, and untangle the knots that may have been made in the hair.