My dog ​​urinates in bed, what can I do?


Lately, I am getting enough queries about the problem of puppy He urinates in his own bed. To the challenge of teaching him to do his needs in a specific area, he joins the problem that he does not do it on the ground like the rest of puppies, but does so in his own bed.

The nature of puppy In that sense it is clear: the puppy by nature eats in a place far from where it needs, so it is innately a clean animal that likes to eat and sleep in areas far from the “bath” zone. But then, why does the puppy by nature be a clean animal makes his urine in his bed?

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The main reason is because that puppy has grown up in a small space where he was forced to eat, drink, sleep and make his needs in the same place. It is the typical puppy bought in pet stores, who spends a lot of time locked up with other dogs, usually his mother and his brothers in a cage without being able to leave, then passes with his brothers to another cage to be sold, and finally ends up with other puppies at the pet store display.

In some hatcheries, this practice is also carried out, so it is important to know how the stage of growth of the puppy has been from its birth to its adoption: under what conditions it has lived, what type of hatchery has raised it, etc.

It is not an easy way for the puppy, who has not been able to learn from the mother where to carry out the evacuations, since the mother has been in the same position as that of her litter, therefore, now it is you who with much Patience, you must teach your puppy that what he has learned as a child is not right.

To do this, you will need patience, because it will take longer to learn to make your needs in the right place than a puppy that has been taught by its mother, but I assure you that it is possible: as it grows, you will teach and learn to control the bladder and sphincters, everything will be solved.

There may also be other reasons, not so common, why the puppy urinates in his bed:

  • There are other animals at home and mark their territory.
  • He spends a lot of time alone and separation anxiety, it makes him insecure> Do not be discouraged if you have a puppy that urinates in his own bed, follow the guidelines to teach him to do his needs that you will see in the articles related to urinating, and above all Don't be discouraged You see that your puppy has not had the opportunity to learn when he played.

Sandra Ferrer
Creator of the Canine Education Program “How to Educate a Puppy”

If your dog urinates in bed DO NOT PUNISH IT

I understand how frustrating it can be to see how your dog urinates in your bed but you can't punish your dog in any case. It is possible that it is an involuntary act and punishing it would only lead to a state of confusion, frustration and even fear, which may further aggravate the problem. Contrary to what many people may think, it is not an act of revenge.

Why does our dog urinate in bed?

  • If you urinate right at the moment we arrive, it is most likely due to overexcitation (your dog can't control the emotion when seeing you) submission (very common in puppies or small breed dogs)
  • In case the urine takes longer it may be because you don't know where you can urinate (or does not have a proper walking routine) health problems (diseases, infections, anxiety ... etc.) or be marking territory (very frequent in these cases)
  • Make a visit to the veterinarian to rule out possible infections, diseases, problems with medication ... etc.
  • When possible, limit access to the rooms in your home and don't let the dog sleep with you (Dogs must have their own place to sleep, a dog bed that suits their size and sleep. In this way we will reduce their interest in using our bed and in case of acc>Use toys like the Kong, highly recommended by veterinarians to reduce boredom and combat anxiety

Is my dog ​​marking territory?

If your dog urinates in bed and in other parts of the house in small quantities, it is very likely that it is marking territory. The bed is one of the places that smells the most to you, and the dog notices it. If you urinate on it, it is your way of saying that this is your territory. Even if it is a voluntary act, your dog is simply confused and thinks he should assume a leading position in the house. If you suspect that this may be the reason, here are some specific tips that you should add to those already mentioned.

  • You should not climb on the bed or other areas above the floor such as sofas or tables.
  • Don't overprotect it or treat it like a human baby, your dog is a dog.
  • Your dog should eat his feed and you should not offer com>

My name is Carlos. I am a dog trainer for the R.S.C.C and I have shared my life with dogs. Now is the time to share all these experiences with you so you can live better in the company of your best friend.

A very good article Carlos, I also try to help people with their dogs and there is a lot of mental confusion about how to treat them, it is clear that we have trouble letting them be dogs. It is also important to neutralize odors from urinated sites, so as not to invite repeat. I love the post congratulations.

Hi Elisenda, thank you very much, I hope that together we can help the owners to solve their doubts and problems with the dogs. Greetings!

Hi Carlos, excellent article!
I have a 5 year old french bulldog and he pees in our bed ... and sometimes when he is with some of my daughters sitting on the couch.
He never did ... but we believe (by dates). That it was because of the last zeal.
Also in the street when he sees another dog ... his "objective" is to smell his "parts" ... and that previously did not.
On Monday we bought a new bed ... and also peed a few drops of pee ...
Please help me !
Thank you !

Hi Star, thank you very much. As I explained in the article, this is a complex issue with multiple causes that requires careful analysis of the case. From here and with the information you provide it is a bit complicated to give you a concrete solution. If I should advise you in general that your dog does not get on the sofa or the beds. Try that your daughters do not consent to the dog and wash your dog's bed well as we talked about in the article. Greetings and good luck!

Thank you very much Carlos!
I tell you .. I took the dog to the vet and urinalysis and blood well. He told me that he has incontinence ... But then I thought he did not do an x-ray or anything ... And today in the pharmacy I have commented on it ... And they have told me about a syrup. Propalin .. What do you think? If the castro ... Do you think it will improve?
I write to you because I love your posts and you inspire me a lot of confidence.
A kiss ... And thank you very much!

My advice is to follow your vet's instructions. By diagnosing incontinence, your case becomes a medical problem, not a behavioral one. All the decisions you make must be agreed with your veterinarian and meditate very well. As I told you, it is a complex problem that requires effort and time to solve. I wish you luck, a hug!

Thank you very much Carlos! Is that my veterinarian is uncommunicative ...! You are a Sky! Thanks for your tips…!

Hi Carlos. My dog ​​never sleeps in my bed or an armchair. It has its own quilt. But when he finds the door to my open room he enters and urinates on my bed. I get very frustrated because I don't know what to do. I can't punish her because in general I find out late. It makes me angry. I do not humanize it. She is my dog ​​and she has her schedules. He is two years old.

Hi Carlos! An interesting and informative article, but I fear that no matter how much I have investigated I find nothing that applies to this case.
My dog ​​is 3 years old and does not sleep with me, but in a room that is outside the house, where she can quickly go to the patio and land that is where she needs. But, if you see the opportunity, to run away, enter the house and get on one of the beds, you are not interested in me chasing her because I know what she is going to do, she bends down and pees and immediately begins to dig the bed ... I have to grab it by the collar to lower it and run again but towards the patio with the attitude they always put on when they are scolded. He has already done it as in 4 and opportunities in different beds and it shows that he knows what is wrong ... I do not know what to do or what that behavior can mean.
I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Thanks in advance,

I fully understand your frustration. Unfortunately, this problem can mainly have two reasons: bad behavior or health problems. From what you explain to me it does not seem to be a behavior issue. I would visit the vet, I think it is who can help you in your case.

I hope you solve your problems as soon as possible.

Hi, Pedro, a labrador puppy, started urinating on the plate of food every time he finished eating, I thought it was because of the type of food that I changed a week ago but today I bought the day and changed the plate to the house and he has done it on my face! I've scold him but I don't know what to do

Hello German: with the information you comment and it can be a possessive or territorial dog, but in any case a separate issue from what we are dealing with here. This behavior usually occurs when there is more than one dog in the house, and dogs "compete" for food. This would be a way of saying "this is mine." It also occurs in dogs suffering from anxiety, and in this case scolding him would aggravate the problem further.

Hello Carlos, a very important and interesting article but, even though I have applied everything that my dog ​​indicated, he continues to urinate in different rooms, he hopes that the door of the room is open, goes up and urinates, and it is more than two times that he goes up to the table And that is where he also urinates and does poop? It's too much help me. Please thanks

Hello, I understand that you despair, but if you have followed all my advice in detail and yet you have not succeeded it may be time to consult an ethologist, as it is advisable to study your case personally and carefully. From here it is the most I can advise you. Good luck and encouragement! 😉

Hi Carlos! I have a 4 month old poodle dog that urinates on my bed and that of my daughter .. it is very desperate .. I almost always find out late .. I have been told that in those cases I must soaked the muzzle with the urine and at the same time give it some strong claps as a rebuke .. I am very sorry to do it .. I did it twice and now every time he sees me he runs away .. how do I do in those cases? ahh and another query .. how do I clean the mattress so that the smell and germs come out. I would greatly appreciate your help. your post is very good

Hello Laura, that "solution" that you have been proposed besides being disgusting is worthless. As I say very clearly in the article if your dog urinates in bed you can not punish him, and less when you discover it late as you say.

I don't know who advised you that, but I assure you that it doesn't work to solve the problem, on the contrary, now your dog will distrust you more. Please read the article well and follow the advice I propose to the letter. You have in your favor that your puppy is very young and time can help you, but you must follow these instructions or those indicated by a veterinary professional.

For the cleaning issue I advise you the following. Wash your clothes well at a temperature of 30º or higher, use enzymatic detergents and do not let your dog see anything as clean or as you take out and put on the bedding. Do not use ammonia or similar.

Some dogs do not like the smell of lemon, you can try filling a spray can with water and a few drops of this citrus to apply to your bed when you leave. This could work as a repellent but as I said it does not work with all dogs.

Hi. My dog ​​lifts his leg on the back of the bed. I don't know what to do anymore. He can't sleep outside because he has neurological problems and if he goes into crisis my other dogs can attack him. Any liquid to put ??

Do you have neurological problems diagnosed by a veterinarian? Do you follow any treatment? I cannot (nor should I) advise you anything more than to go to a professional and explain your case. Here we treat general problems not as specific as yours, especially when your dog can suffer some kind of health problem. In conclusion, I understand that you want to solve the problem as soon as possible, but you should look for less information on the internet and go to a professional. Luck 😉

Hi Carlos, I have a 1-and-a-half (female) pinscher and another 3-year-old pinscher (male) he behaves very well! But she is an earthquake has a lot of character barks to everyone. For example: if people dance or do something with their feet, they throw themselves to bite, if it is touched by an unknown person, it also bites. The truth is that I don't know what to do and that's it when I leave and leave them together in the part of the kitchen that communicates with a terrace because it takes and pisses in the bed of the other dog. Help please !! They have their meal and departure schedule. It also has a box to make your needs.

Hi Montse: from what you describe you have a bitch who has assumed a leadership position. This happens when he does not notice that there is a clear leader in the house, and he decides to assume that role. I would like to transfer some questions:

When you bite other people, are you safe and confident? Pull the strap or go ahead on the ride? Do you climb the beds, sofas or high areas of the house?

I cannot guarantee you 100% but I am almost certain that you have a dog with a dominant and territorial role in the house. It's a problem yes, but it has a solution 😉

Follow the advice in the last paragraph, they will help you. I would also like you to answer my questions and thus be able to help you a little better. 🙂

I have 3 dogs, with a hierarchy I think more or less defined. One of the female dogs, a 13-year-old Maltese bichon, is the alpha female despite its size. Sleep in bed, rest at the feet in their baskets. More than a month ago I adopted a dog of about 8 months, very affectionate and happy. For two weeks he pisses on any bed or sofa in the house. I just say NO (I have taken it infraganti several times), I take it from the neck and take it out for a couple of hours. He waits patiently to enter again, and sneaks back to pee again. I have to say that we have a garden and the dogs do their needs outside, a couple of times a week they go for a run to the field, the rest of the time they don't go for a walk I can't even get them out. I have tried not to touch her just, to feed her the last, I am already in the trance of not caressing any (and this is death for me ...) and I don't get any results. The dog is almost afraid of me, the others have begun to poop inside the house, and I am desperate because I adore my animals and I am overcome.

Well here are several things. First we would have to analyze how you presented the adopted dog to the rest of the dogs in the house. Remember that in your home there is an established hierarchy and the arrival of a new member can change everything and conflicts arise. It is very important to do well. It's something we've talked about in this article:

On the other hand, none of your dogs should be the leader, only you. No dog can climb on the beds, sofas or areas of the house. They are exclusive areas of the leaders. If a dog assumes leadership, problems come and he can become dominant and territorial. You could also mark areas of the house with urine, including the bed.

It is not highly recommended that you grab the dogs by the neck, you can make them end up being afraid. Most of the time with a "No" in a strong dry voice is enough.

My advice: work your leadership in the house, establish a schedule of walks and try to run and exercise a lot when they leave.

This is a topic that requires a lot of dedication and effort, a lot of encouragement!

Hello Carlos, this article is very good, I have a Beagle of 6 years and very judicious, he never climbs to the beds or the furniture and last night I urinate not my bed but the bed of a relative who almost does not stay with us, he is obedient and I have check-out times in the afternoon and evening, I don't know why I would urinate in bed.

Thank you. I understand your surprise but it would be necessary to see if it does it more than once, so we can draw conclusions, for now it is just an isolated incident, so I would not give it much importance.

Hi Carlos, today I found your page and I loved it, congratulations for such a good job. I think you can surely help me in the adventure with my puppy. We are a family of 5 members from three generations and we live in a house. We have received a puppy with a month and a half, we have put it in our house and our lives as a baby. Sleep on the couch, and everything is yours. My biggest problem is that despite taking him out to the garden to do his needs, he waits to enter the house to do them and sometimes we lose patience, I really don't know what to do, even though I give him sweets and caresses when he makes his needs out When he returns he always leaves us a little gift. Oh, excuse me, I hadn't mentioned that now you have 4 months. Thanks in advance for your help. Greetings. Carmen

Dogs need discipline at home, if no problems arise. They cannot climb on the sofas, beds or high areas of the house. If they do, lower them with a "DOWN" and don't let them do it again.

Your dog is still a puppy, you have to give it time. Even so it is very important that you have an established walking routine (always at the same time) that there is a discipline in the house and that you assume the leadership of it.

Giving rewards every time you urinate outside is the right thing, don't forget to do it right at the moment you are urinating to reinforce that behavior.

I hope these tips help you. Greetings

Very good, I have a 10 month mini pincher, a month ago one day I pissed on my partner while we slept, we thought it was for the treatment I was taking in those days for a pharyngitis, but today I have done it again this time supported on my Back, I was lying on top of myself and urinating, I kite it immediately and continued urinating on the floor, why is this? Why does he do this? Thanks and best regards

From the prudence due to the little information I have, it is very likely that it is a territorial or dominant dog, since it not only urinates in your house but it does so directly on a person. Analyze what relationship you have with your dog: how you treat him, what you allow him to do and what not, what kind of education you have given him.

Greetings and good luck with your pincher 😉

Hello good ... I have a 1 year old labrador is castrated ... since about 6 months he does not pee inside the house but ... it has been two days that when he arrived from work he has urinated in my bed something that I had never done ... I am surprised a lot because I had never acted like this ... what should I do? Of course, he didn't even get his first zeal to punish him as soon as his time came

Hi, I have a problem, I have two puppies, one is 5 months old and I am Hispanic-Breton, and the other is 3 months old and is a bordercollie. The bordercollie I discovered that you can hold the pee for up to 8 hours because at night you do not pee inside the house. Well lately he pees in his bed at least once a day ... and this morning he was in bed and started to pee in my bed when I was still in it. It is a somewhat frustrating situation because it seems that the only thing I want is to attract attention and I no longer know what else to do ... when you are going to bother him or tell him that this bad fact is made to scream as if they were killing him ... and not I understand ... I think it is a problematic dog because I get to bite and bleed ... I need help as soon as possible ... but I will have to give it away because this can't go on like this ...

I understand your frustration, luckily you have in your favor that your dog is very young and in case it is a behavioral problem it is very possible that with a little education and time the problem is solved.

First I would go to the veterinarian to check out any kind of health problem. Then remember, you shouldn't scold him unless you see him in the moment. You should not yell at him, if you see that he climbs on the bed, always say "Down" Never let it rise. Reward him whenever he needs out of the house.

Border Colie are pure energy. They need to be well taken care of and a lot of daily exercise. The more walks and longer the better. This will also help reduce stress. I totally recommend it.

Follow my advice and if you see us changes after a couple of weeks go to an ethologist, I think your dog deserves at least one chance.

Greetings and good luck! 😉

Hi, I have a 2 year old Beagle. It is always out! I just let her into the dining room once in a while. But when we get distracted, he goes straight to my bed and pees on my side. It's not the first time the truth is frustrating

Hi, I have a yorkshire mini of 1kilo900gr. Already 2 years old, I picked her up with 7 months old and because I had them in bad conditions. In fact, she gets scared easily if you scold her. She has her own bed she sleeps and it is her place to be, in my house there is no patio and I have taught her that when she is at home she urinates in a soaker. Well, he always did it but he has been urinating in his own bed for 2 days and I don't know why this could be ... Could you help me? Thank you.

Hello Irene, sometimes dogs urinate by submission or fear, and for the data you provide this could be the case for your dog. I advise you to obtain all the possible information on how they had it before collecting it and contacting an ethologist, since in your case it is a complex issue and you need professional help.

Hello Carlos, I have a dog who is 7 months old and almost eight, because she still has not been put in heat, she sleeps with me and two days ago she pissed in bed at dawn this has never happened but she urinates while she sleeps as I can help her

Hi Joselín: you mean he sleeps with you in your same bed? If your dog urinates in bed you should not allow him to sleep with you, that makes them think that this place is theirs and they urinate to leave their mark. I advise you to buy a bed and sleep separately from your bed, preferably in another room. About the type of bed you should choose here are some tips

Good morning Carlos! I explain. A few months ago I adopted a French bulldog 6 years old and neutered. I don't know what life he had before but if he climbs into bed, he is padded to his bed, if there are clothes on the floor ... he pees on top and he keeps betting even while he is urinated, however he climbs on the sofa that is of skin and nothing is done. It has its departure times and makes out its needs unless it cannot be held that goes to the terrace. I don't know what to do ... I hope you give me a solution. Thank you!

Being castrated could eliminate the possibility of doing so to mark territory. My advice is that you go to your veterinarian to do a check-up and start with a fixed and long-term walk schedule. Do not allow him to climb on sofas or beds when you are present. If you see that after a few weeks nothing has changed go to an ethologist to study your case personally. I hope your problem is solved soon

Good evening, we have adopted a three month old German boxer and shepherd mix puppy a month ago. At home we already have a puppy of almost 2 years. Well the problem ... Besides that he pisses in the whole house (and it is not in small quantities) he also pisses the bed of both of us and we no longer know how to act in this situation, because he pisses when we do not see it either because we are in another room or doing things. Thank you very much for your advice…

Hi Nesa, I understand that the one who urinates in the whole house is the three-month-old puppy, right? Being so young would rule out urinating to mark territory and think rather that you need a strict schedule of walks and reinforce the good behavior of urinating away from home. You have in your favor that your dog is very young and this behavior can be redirected. Just in case you also go to your veterinarian to rule out any health problems and start with a fixed walking schedule every time you do it away from home.

I hope it helps you

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