Train a Belgian Malinois


The Belgian shepherd is a race formed by five different races, so we have five varieties well different from Belgian shepherd: groenendael, laekonis, tervueren, malinois and drako.

However, all are accepted within the same race, so when educating it we will follow the same guidelines for everyone, although their personality and behavior may vary slightly.

He Belgian Shepherd It is originally from Belgium. During the nineteenth century there were a large number of sheepdogs without an exact breed, whose personality was similar, in the same way as their behavior, although their appearance was different.

It was then that they decided to set the standard in 1892, accepting only three types of fur.

We are talking about a very energetic dog He can't stand still. He is nervous, he is usually attentive and is very moved. All this can make us think that it is a difficult animal to train, but it is not the case. It is an inexhaustible animal with a great desire for activity, but in its instinct it is also to obey and make its owner happy, so that its education is simpler than one imagines of a dog so full of vitality.

For a good education, the main thing is to let him spend all his energy through exercise, long walks and playing a lot with him. To do racing circuits It is a good way to exhaust it completely, in the same way as to make it look for things or perform various tasks, but for this we must teach it to obey.

It is as simple as getting tired enough to be able to train it. With some ten minutes a day It will be enough. Teach him where he has to do his needs, to come when he is called or to know when he has to eat. It will not be a complicated task, since its main objective is to make its owner happy.

There are several types of Belgian shepherd who need specific care for your fur, because they have it very long and thin, this is the case of tervueren or groenendael. Other things to prevent are hip dysplasia for example. But by following these steps, we will enjoy an ideal Belgian shepherd, with whom we can go out for outdoor sports. Something that these animals appreciate very much.

Positive Training

Many training techniques for dogs are made so that the owner feels happy. In ExpertAnimal we propose techniques so that both dogs and owners feel happy.

Belgian Malinois loves to feel in line with their humans, they appreciate the fact of searching, chasing things and being rewarded for it. Yes we motivate correctly This natural desire, the safe owner will succeed in training this breed of dogs.

First, it is very important to know that the intelligent Belgian Malinois are made for action and that they feel full while running outdoors and accompanying their human friend on long walks. Basically, the Belgian shepherd Malinois is trained by training him physically, so if you are a sendetaria person who does not like to keep in constant activity, we recommend another race that is quieter.

Everything is based on positive training, exercise, and company, the company being the key to these three steps. Remember that most dogs are sociable creatures. So ... If you leave your dog alone at home for more than 7 hours, he will feel anxious, bored and even frustrated. The same if you leave it outside the house and away from family dynamics.

A clear but loving l>

Leadership and respect are taught through games where you maintain control, good and rich food, rest, social interaction and much darling.

Whenever you do something with your dog whether you watch TV together, play games, or even talk to him, keep in mind that he is always judging your tone of voice, body language, the way you approach him and even your facial expression. Dogs are much more complex and clever than we think and these are all keys that your dog uses to create a profile of its owner. From there, he will decide what kind of relationship he wants to maintain with you. A relationship based on respect will teach your dog equal values ​​and will urge you to correspond in a positive and obedient way.

Always use a positive approach, this will be the best way to train your Belgian shepherd Malinois. It will have better and faster effect if you are firm but at the same time assertive in your communication In ExpertAnimal we support the "prize" approach due to good behavior vs. unnecessary punishment. Remember that punishment only causes stress and discomfort in the animal. Make sure all family members are on the same wavelength, training the dog in the same way.

Let's get to know the professional training of the Belgian shepherd malinois

This training will teach the dog to carry out several police work such as defense and personal protection, identification of fire residues, drug search, rescue of people ... However, as the saying goes, "he who covers a lot, does not squeeze," dogs are trained at most to develop two of these tasks.

Of course, these tasks They can only be taught in specialized centers or with a professional trainer with credentials for it. The Belgian shepherd is an excellent dog for this type of training, because he has courage, temperament, intelligence and character. In fact, it seems to be replacing the German shepherd.

It should be noted that the training process takes between 12 and 16 weeks, either doing it in a specialized center or under the instructions and supervision of a particular trainer.

From puppies to adults

If since the puppy comes home, you start training, the adjustment period will be shorter, productive and simple for both of you. The six basic commands you can teach your Belgian shepherd malinois from 8 weeks old they are: learn to sit down, bend over, walk to your side, come when instructed and stay in place at the right time. The basic orders for dogs. Is essential for your safety.

There are basic and important routines that you can teach your Malinois pastor from an early age, they are so intelligent, that from an early age they can start adopting them:

  • Your place to sleep
  • Meal, sleep and wake times
  • Where is the food
  • The right place to do your needs
  • Where are your toys

In addition to daily routines, words must also be taught. The most important, short and concise are: "Do not", which also means stop, and "Good", a clear approval of their behavior. You can start this from two months of age.

What is it about getting with this training?

It is intended to ensure that the dog that has been trained, or as they are technically known ‘a K9 dog‘ has the ability to ignore all their surroundings and concentrate on their work.

He has to show respect to other animals and other people and, of course, he must obey the voice of his owner at all times. He has to have self control to control his impulses, strength and instincts, and thus be balanced.

These dogs, so that they can perform the tasks for which they have been trained, they require a high level of verbal and gestural obedience. They must become experts in the search for narcotics, explosives, have pressure in search and rescue, and reflexes when it comes to defending and attacking.

So, The training is quite hard. In fact, although the positive reinforcement is always chosen, the K9 uses mixed techniques, since it is necessary for the dog to understand who is in charge and also to be strict in his work.

Of course, at no time does the animal suffer or cause any damage. They only try to achieve the objectives while taking care of the animal and treating it with respect, albeit with some firmness.


The physical part starts from 9 weeks when you can start taking it to a nursery where it will play, exercise, connect with other puppies and also receive additional education. When he is with you, give him at least 15 minutes of play in the morning and another time in the afternoon. Do not forget that it is very important to promote the game with other dogs so that you can socialize correctly and be a social and positive dog. Lacks in socialization can cause your Belgian Malinois to be a reactive, shy or behavioral dog, don't forget it.

From 4 to 6 months old, give it deserved walking walks, which are daily and last approximately 30 minutes. In addition, activities that involve search and collect game To encourage mental ability, but not to be excessive, remember that you are still a baby.

From 6 months to the year, you can play more actively with it using a ball or Frisby that goes further, for a maximum of 30 minutes during the morning and then in the afternoon. You can continue with a relaxed walk as a rest.

If you have done all of the above, as of the year, your Belgian Malinois pastor can accompany you to run every morning (every kilometer comes with a little rest) or varied activities that encourage your physical stimulation. Go testing his resistance and increasing distance and time, not pressures, you will see how happy he is and how much he will appreciate it. Agility It is one of the most recommended activities for this breed since it combines obedience and physical exercise.

Yes, visit the veterinarian every six months to analyze if you are doing any excess activity that may have an impact on the future health of your dog.

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Do you want a K9?

You may have been excited about these trained dogs and want one. Well, we inform you that when these dogs are used for police work They retire at eight years of age, they can be adopted.

It does not mean that the animal no longer serves, but it is a way of allowing it to have a quiet and quality life for the remaining years. There are specific programs where you can find any of these dogs.

In addition, it is an excellent way to help the security forces and bodies of the state, as there are not always workers who can keep them. And you, for your part, you will have an excellent, loyal animal where there are them, and trained to more not being able. What more could you want?

Training techniques for dogs Belgian Shepherd Malinois

Many dog training techniques They are made so that the owner feels happy, so in today's article we are going to propose techniques, both for dogs and owners to feel happy.

The Malinois and to feel in harmony with its owners, you will appreciate the fact of carrying out chase techniques and be rewarded for that. If this natural desire is correctly motivated, the owner will be sure of success in the formation of this dog breed.

Basically Malinois needs to train and run, so if you are a sedentary person and do not like to stay in constant activity, we recommend that you choose another breed that is quieter, but if your thing is to have a dog of this breed, everything is based on positive training and the exercise you do with this, this being the key.

Remember that most dogs are sociable creatures, therefore, if you have to leave home for more than seven hours, your dog will feel anxious, upset and even frustrated. The same happens if you leave it away from home and away from family dynamics.

Belgian Shepherd Malinois is a very affectionate dog

Whenever you do something with your puppy, like watching TV, playing or even talking to him, keep in mind that your voice tone is being evaluated all the time, body language, the way one approaches and even your facial expression.

Dogs are much more complex than we think and it is with all these things that your dog creates a profile of its owner, which can be wrong or not and from there, he decide what kind of relationship you want to keep with you, being ideal that this relationship is based on mutual respect.

Always use a positive approach with it, since this will be the best way to train your dog and remember that punishment only causes stress and discomfort to the animal.

Five o'clock basic orders What you can teach your 8-week-old Malinois is to learn to sit, lie down, walk by your side and heed your call, these orders being essential for your safety.

There is Basic and important routines that you can teach your Pastor Malinois from a very young age, since they are so intelligent that they will soon learn it:

  • Your place to sleep.
  • The schedule of meals, sleep and play.
  • Where is the food.
  • The right place to do your needs.
  • Where are your toys?